Books are my kind of texts.
What vegetable is kind of cool?
The Radish.
What kind of car does an electrician drive? A Volts-wagon.”
What would you call a power failure? A current event.

My wife said to me that the spark between us had gone. So, I tasered her, and I’ll ask her again when she wakes up.”

A superconductor walks into a bar. The bartender says, Get out! We don’t serve your kind here.
What kind of plant generates the most energy? A power plant.”
What is a light bulb’s favorite kind of news?
Current events.
Do you know what kind of stock to use when making neotropical near-passerine bird soup?
Doesnt matter, as long as you put Toucans in.
What is a brain's favorite kind of boat?
A cranial blood vessel.
What kind of fish performs brain surgery?
A neurosturgeon.
What kind of insect is bad at football?
A fumble-bee.
What kind of luggage did the vulture bring on the flight?
What kind of melody does a ship makes when if it crashes on shore?
A wreck-quiem.
What kind of ears do trains have?
What kind of a car does a crazy man drive? A LOCOmotive.
First time hunters were arguing over which kind of animal tracks they had found when they were hit by a train.

Those who steal trains must have a loco–motive!