Cheddar Jokes

What did Gorgonzola say to Cheddar? Lookin' Sharp.
What did the piece of Cheddar say to the ghost? I'm Lac-ghost intolerant
Why did the dairy farmer go on a diet? She wanted to cheddar a few pounds!
What do you tell your friend after she breaks up with a cheese lover?
You’re cheddar off without him!
What happens when you go on an all-cheese diet?
You cheddar few pounds.
What pickup line can you use to pick up a cheese lover?
“Are you cheddar? ‘Cause you’re lookin’ sharp!”
Did you hear about the guy who had an addiction to cheddar cheese?
It was only mild.
What did one cheddar cheese say to the other cheddar cheese at prom?
Looking sharp!
Why did the parmesan swipe left on the cheddar?
His pick-up line was too cheesey.
What did the aged cheddar say when his mom told him he couldn’t see a movie that was rated R?
“I’m mature for my age.”
Why doesn't cheddar like to party with crackers? Someone always cuts the cheese.
When should you go on a cheese diet? If you need to cheddar a few pounds
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