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Learning Geography Becomes Fun with These Uncommon Maps

 There’s so much you can learn by just looking at a map. And no, we don’t mean the location of a particular country, river, or ocean. A map can teach you some pretty fun and unexpected things. For example, do you know the most popular soft drinks consumed in different countries in Europe? Or the average bedtime across the US? That’s the kind of info you will be presented in the unusual maps we’ve compiled for you today. Learning the geography of the world becomes so much fun with these unique maps!

1. The topography of the Roman Empire, AD 117

Unusual and Fun Maps, Roman Empire,

2. The different soft drinks consumed in various parts of Europe

Unusual and Fun Maps,  soft drinks consumed in different parts of Europe

3. U.S. counties with a population greater than the state of Wyoming

Unusual and Fun Maps, Wyoming

4. Turkey 

Unusual and Fun Maps, Turkey 

5. Which is the most consumed type of alcoholic drink in Europe?

Unusual and Fun Maps, alcoholic drink in Europe

6. The sounds that frogs make in different parts of Europe

Unusual and Fun Maps, frog sounds

7. The Map of the Ancient Roman World from their perspective, 43 AD

Unusual and Fun Maps, Ancient Roman World

8. The Topography of Africa

Unusual and Fun Maps, Topography of Africa

9. These countries don't have an army

Unusual and Fun Maps, army

10. Average bedtimes in the US

Unusual and Fun Maps, bedtimes

11. A map of Mexico showing how mountainous it is

Unusual and Fun Maps, Mexico

12. "Egypt’s population concentrated around the Nile River."

Unusual and Fun Maps, Egypt, nile

13. The Map of Germany’s watersheds

Unusual and Fun Maps, Germany’s watersheds
All images source: Izismile
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