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Old Shipping Containers Turned Into Beautiful Homes

 There’s a new trend we’ve observed in architecture quite a lot lately - container homes - and they’re exactly what they sound like. People are purchasing old shipping containers and recycling them into beautiful homes. Believe us, we were shocked and confused at first, too...
After all, living in a shipping container sounds like a terrible idea in both a hot and a cold climate. But looking at these 18 terrific houses made of shipping containers definitely changed our disposition and made us warm up to the idea of container homes.
Shipping Container Homes
The owners of these homes say that container homes are durable, just as convenient, and even more portable and eco-friendly compared to ordinary homes. Building a container home can take anywhere from a few weeks to months, and it’s significantly cheaper, too.
These characteristics, as well as their chic style, makes container homes a great option for many new homeowners. We certainly understand why these recycled container houses are becoming so popular these days!
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