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The Most Outrageous Chicken Coops You'll Ever See

 You might come across some odd-looking buildings as you travel, but you won't get to see many "grand" structures built specifically for chickens! Yes. Some people go out of their way to give their chickens a really special home. A durable coop is essential for keeping the birds safe and healthy. But the unusual and outrageous coops you will see here – from one that’s made like a cozy cottage to another one that’s almost like a royal mansion –  will make you giggle and maybe even envy the chickens a little...

1.That must be one big chicken!

Chicken Coops, Jurassic Bawk

2. This looks like a cozy French town.

Chicken Coops, French town

3. "Chicken Circus!"

Chicken Coops, Chicken Circus

4. This is so rustic and elegant at the same time.

Chicken Coops, rustic 

5. Is this a leprechaun's home?

Chicken Coops, leprechaun

6. School's over! 

Chicken Coops, school bus

7. This one's so cozy even humans wouldn't mind living here.

Chicken Coops, cozy

8. Doesn't this chicken coop look charming? 

Chicken Coops, hut

9. The Poultry Police is on its way! 

Chicken Coops, Police

10. A luxury condo for chickens.

Chicken Coops, condo

11. Lucky chickens. They get to live in a rocket! 

Chicken Coops, rocket

12. I wish I was a chicken and could live in this grand mansion.

Chicken Coops, mansion
All images source: Acid Cow
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