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18 Wildlife Photos Picturing Animals in Comical Scenarios

 We’re used to seeing our pets being funny and engaged in shenanigans, but when it comes to wild animals, we usually see them being all majestic, striking the perfect pose for a journal cover or photography award. However, wild animals can be just as funny as our quirky pets if you happen to catch them at the right time in the right place, if not funnier. And yes, we’ve got the proof right here.
Take a look at these hysterical wildlife photos snapped in the perfect situation!

1. The importance of reading signs, case in point

Funny Wildlife Photos aggressive geese

2. A bald eagle having a bad hair day

Funny Wildlife Photos bald eagle

3. Look at those majestic... eyebrows!

Funny Wildlife Photos deer with eyebrows

4. Are we interrupting?

Funny Wildlife Photos surprised possum

5. Perfect timing!

Funny Wildlife Photos geese

6. Bunnies crave a tropical vacation, too!

Funny Wildlife Photos bunny

7. "Cursed husband for leaving pipe I tripped over on the path to the front door. Once inside, my husband vehemently denied any pipe misdemeanor, so I turned on the outside light to prove him wrong..." (Cindy Lane)

Funny Wildlife Photos snake

8. What is going on with this bird?

Funny Wildlife Photos bird in weird position

9. "Have they left yet?"

Funny Wildlife Photos walrus

10. The last thing we need this year is giant birds taking over the planet

Funny Wildlife Photos giant bird

11. Just a couple of vultures waiting near a hospital window, nothing to worry about...

Funny Wildlife Photos vultures

12. What was supposed to be a picture of a pelican turned into a recreation of what being a pelican's lunch looks like

Funny Wildlife Photos pelican

13. After seeing this "pterodactyl", we actually believe that birds are the descendants of dinosaurs

Funny Wildlife Photos creepy bird

14. "I nearly bumped into this 'large rock' while searching for elephant seals on the beach"

Funny Wildlife Photos elephant seal

15. "We broadcast the possum signal only in the direst of garbage emergencies" (Amy Fisher Rosaaen-McDonald)

Funny Wildlife Photos possum

16. For all of you wondering, this is what a deer looks like mid-burp

Funny Wildlife Photos burping deer

17. Ninja raccoons, can you spot the baby one?

Funny Wildlife Photos Ninja raccoons

18. The graceful goose grazing on aquatic plants 

Funny Wildlife Photos The graceful goose grazing on aquatic plants
Source of all images: boredpanda
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