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Kids and Social Distance Learning Don’t Always Mix Well…

 September is finally here, the long-awaited back-to-school season when parents and grandparents can finally sigh with relief and enjoy a moment of silence while the kids are at school, or can't they? Unfortunately, this September is somewhat different compared to all past back-to-school seasons, as this year, many kids won't be packing their backpacks and getting on the school bus every morning.
Many kids are staying at home and taking the usual classes through video calls, communicating through Zoom and Skype with their teachers, and turning in their homework via email. For some kids, especially preschoolers, the idea of sitting in front of a laptop alone all day is absolutely unbearably boring, and we can hardly blame them. But unlike adults, who can push through a boring work call without as much as a flinch, kids can't help but express their frustration in a myriad of expressive, and often hilarious, ways. These 10 kids may have lost the battle with e-learning, but the way they did it is so funny and cute that it's worth sharing!

1. The world is a harsh and unforgiving place

Kids’ E-Learning Fails 5 yrs old
Image Source: Imgur

2. Sure, the girl may be embarrassed, but the person I really feel bad for is the teacher

Kids’ E-Learning Fails cat
Image Source: Reddit

3. E-learning: 0. Sleep: 1.

Kids’ E-Learning Fails sleeping
Image Source: Reddit

4. "The teacher texted me and told me to wake her up."

Kids’ E-Learning Fails sleeping
Image Source: Reddit

5. The unexpected results of the second day of virtual school

Kids’ E-Learning Fails 2 day of virtual school
Image Source: Reddit

6. "This is how our 5th grader is coping with Monday today. If wearing a plague doctor mask while remote learning doesn’t sum up 2020 schooling, I don’t know what does."

Kids’ E-Learning Fails plague doctor mask
Image Source: Reddit

7. There are two types of kids

Kids’ E-Learning Fails  two types of kids
Image Source: Twitter

8. I'm not sure what's going in this picture, but I think that no e-learning photo should involve that many legs

Kids’ E-Learning Fails fell off the chair
Image Source: Facebook

9. After exactly 43 minutes of the first day of 2nd grade...

Kids’ E-Learning Fails  43 minutes
Image Source: Imgur

10. Learning is HARD...

Kids’ E-Learning Fails lying on a chair
Image Source: Twitter
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