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15 Clever Design Solutions You Wish You Had at Home, Too!

 Sometimes, even the smallest details matter a lot! This is exactly the case with these genius design solutions, which are guaranteed to astound you with their simplicity and ingenuity. We really wish more brands, businesses, and people picked up these clever ideas and made them more widespread. This is exactly why we decided to share these ingenious tips and designs with you, too, here they are.

1. This reversible backrest allows you to have 2 different views from the same bench!

Clever Design Solutions reversible bench

2. Finally, someone found a logical way to organize furniture hardware!

Clever Design Solutions furniture hardware
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3. This genius frying pan allows you to measure how much oil you're using

Clever Design Solutions frying pan oil measurement

4. All elevators should be operated by feet, just like this one! Not only for hygienic purposes, as they're also perfect when you're carrying bags 

Clever Design Solutions elevator buttons

5. This store has different surfaces so that parents can "road test" strollers

Clever Design Solutions strollers

6. A toaster with a window, so that you could control the browning of your toast, genius!

Clever Design Solutions toaster

7. An easy way to sort all those extra sauces and spices you get in takeout

Clever Design Solutions extra sauce sorted

8. This tetra pack has a transparent area and quantity scale next to it, for you to know how much milk is left

Clever Design Solutions milk pack

9. Not sure when it's time to change the tires? These cleverly designed tires will show you!

Clever Design Solutions tires

10. This pizza box also serves as a plate for individual slices! No dishes needed

Clever Design Solutions pizza box

11. The easiest way to store a cupcake without ruining the frosting - simply cut a plastic bottle, et voila!

Clever Design Solutions cupcake

12. This pan has a thermochromic indicator that turns red when it gets hot, I need this!

Clever Design Solutions thermoindicator pan

13. This shirt has a lens cloth sewn in, a detail that all glasses wearers can appreciate!

Clever Design Solutions shirt has a lens cloth sewn in

14. Quite clever, isn't it?

Clever Design Solutions diaper beach stash

15. A beautiful floral design is revealed when this raincoat gets wet! 

Clever Design Solutions raincoat
Images Source: izismile
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