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Everyday Objects Transformed Into Incredible Works of Art

 Art can often be seen in the most unusual places and can often be made by the simplest of things. The collection of pictures we have shared below focuses on extraordinary pieces of art that were made using common everyday items. For instance, you will get to see a bull sculpture made of tires, a painting on a piece of bread and even Van Gogh’s Starry Night recreated with paperclips, among some other remarkable art pieces.
These artworks show that sometimes all we need is a little bit of innovativeness to create something beautiful. Take a look, maybe the budding artist in you can find inspiration from some of the art pieces below. 

1. This magnificent eagle has been crafted exclusively with rubber bands.

Stunning Art,
Image Credit: enk112 / Reddit

2. Van Gogh’s Starry Night recreated with paperclips.

Stunning Art, Van Gogh’s Starry Night
Image Credit: witenry / Reddit

3. This lizard origami looks so unique!

Stunning Art, lizard origami
Image Credit: Ak_Origami / Reddit

4. A rendition of 'The Scream' by artist Edvard Munch using just paper clips.

Stunning Art, paper clips

Image Credit: witenry / Reddit

5. A bull sculpture made from recycled tires.

Stunning Art, bull sculpture
Image Credit: Taazz10 / Reddit

6. A colored sphere that is made entirely out of paper.

Stunning Art, sphere

7. Someone made this shark on a table using only salt!

Stunning Art, shark

Image Credit: drawing_a_blank1 / Reddit

8. A handmade birdhouse that looks like some refined piece of modern art.

Stunning Art, birdhouse

Image Credit: liamoco123 / Reddit

9. Can you believe that this was made using pistachio shells?

Stunning Art,
Image Credit: Notsoabc1 / Reddit

10. One could easily mistake this paper bird for a real one.

Stunning Art, bird
Image Credit: V-Landauro07 / Reddit

11. An embroidered bee on a guitar strap. Imagine having a whole strap of these!

Stunning Art,  embroidered be

12. This leaf has been made from stained glass.

Stunning Art,  stained glass
Image Credit: mewi2671 / Reddit

13. Beautiful painting made on bread.

Stunning Art, painting made on bread
Image Credit: VipsTilak / Reddit

14. An origami koi fish made for a tip jar.

Stunning Art,origami koi fish

Image Credit: Macabee721 / Reddit

15. This looks like glass, right? But it's a painting on a rock.

Stunning Art, painting on a rock
Image Credit: mohamez / Reddit

16. This quirky and innovative painting has been made using tape.

Stunning Art, painting
Image Credit: Hard-Hart / Reddit

17. A man made a chimpanzee in his backyard using cardboard.

Stunning Art, chimpanzee
Image Credit: tylergedman / Reddit
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