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Our World Is Full of Amazing Wonders. These Pics Prove It.

 The world around us is filled with some truly remarkable things that often go unnoticed. If you look closely enough, though, you are bound to find something surprising and wonderful even in the regular things that you are surrounded by. That is why it’s important, at times, to shift focus from our robotic lives and observe things a little more intricately. Who knows, you might end up finding some magic nearby?
The collection of pictures we have shared below have been taken by random people who unexpectedly found something incredibly cool. From rainbow clouds to a 100-sided die, these are some amazing finds. Take a look.

1. A slug that appears to have perfectly camouflaged itself into its surroundings

Incredibly Cool, slug
Image source: okaywhat2 / Reddit

2. A photograph of a building that appears to be flat from a particular angle

Incredibly Cool, building

3. An old bank has been converted into a fancy hotel. However, they decided to keep the vault as a meeting room.

Incredibly Cool, old bank

4. Measuring spoons that are labeled in grandma terms. Now, won’t these be super useful? 

Incredibly Cool, Measuring spoons
Image source: HTRK74JR / Reddit

5. When you shine a black light on a banana, the areas around its brown spots glow brightly. 

Incredibly Cool, banana

6. Ants cut open this almond to make their own almond flour. 

Incredibly Cool, almond

7. Security cameras that have been disguised as birds.

Incredibly Cool, Security cameras

8. A rare 100-sided die. Also called Zocchihedron, this unique die was invented by Lou Zocchi in 1985.

Incredibly Cool, 100-sided die
Image source: M_Blaster05 / Reddit

9. A cluster of fossils that were found at the height of 10,700 ft (3,261 meters) above sea level.

Incredibly Cool, fossils
Image source: teufelsubie / Reddit

10. An opisometer, also called a curvimeter, meilograph, or map measurer. This cool device can measure the lengths of roads, rivers, and other line features on maps.

Incredibly Cool, opisometer
Image source: Trizocbs / Reddit

11. Is that a cloud? Or is it a furry rainbow tail?

Incredibly Cool, cloud

12. Restaurants located in the Eiffel Tower have forks that are shaped in the form of the epic monument itself.

Incredibly Cool,  Eiffel Tower
Image source: birketa / Reddit

13. Someone found exactly 777 shark teeth in just 2 weeks!

Incredibly Cool, shark teeth
Image source: Kirbe_ / Reddit

14. A CD that has been heated up looks like an amethyst crystal. Perhaps, someone misunderstood what it means to burn a disk.

Incredibly Cool, CD
Image source: jmonkey9 / Reddit

15. When a Wood Duck passed by its own sign at a zoo. Talk about perfect timing…

Incredibly Cool, Wood Duck
Image source: punreddit / Reddit
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