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Clever & Funny Signboards That You Are Unlikely To Forget

 We come across a number of different signboards in our day-to-day-life – on the side of the roads, outside shops, in the supermarket and even inside railway and bus stations. Many of these signboards are plain and informative that we usually don’t even give them a second glance. However, keep an eye out and you will discover some really smart signboards with some great messages hidden in the sea of bland ones. 
Here is a collection of some of the wittiest everyday signboards that are sure to make you chuckle. Some of them are smart, some are meaningful and some are simply hilarious. Take a look.
Witty Signs Bridge
2.Witty Signs smartphones
3.Witty Signs new year's resolution
4.Witty Signs sleeping
5.Witty Signs museum
6.Witty Signs life chess
7.Witty Signs pot hole
8.Witty Signs commas
9.Witty Signs fat
10.Witty Signs lemon and oranges
11.Witty Signs speed bumbs
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