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11 Guides and Tips for the Smart Kitchen User

 Do you dream of being a master chef or at least a smart cook? Do you want to know how to control your kitchen like a professional, knowing all the little tricks and shortcuts, knowing every tool for the job? You've come to the right place, then. Here we have 11 of our best guides about using your kitchen like a real chef. There's a lot of good knowledge here, so take it to heart!
Which knife do you use to cut fish properly, and which for bread? Which knives should be sharpened and which can't? This handy quick cheat-sheet for home cooks gives you a quick run-down of what chefs know about their knives, explains the lingo, and gives some great advice!
Eggs are super versatile and can be cooked in a variety of ways. Whether it's an omelet, a fried egg, a poached egg, a hard-boiled egg, scrambled eggs, or anything else, the following tips and hacks will make your preparation lots easier and might also bring you perfect results.
Did you ever wonder how an oven miraculously turns a blob of dough into a glorious cookie? Or a pan full of gooey batter turns into a delicious cake? Consider yourself really lucky, because I'm about to share all the scientific wisdom that I've gained on baking with you.
Rice is the staple of kitchen staples, and it likely sits in your cupboard right now, front and center. What many people don’t know about this popular food is that different rice varieties have a different nutrition content, and while some can really boost your health, others are less impressive or even harmful to your health.
Even people who love fish rarely venture out of their comfort zone and usually stick to salmon or red snapper because they are believed to be “easy fish” to cook, but the truth is that with a little bit of knowledge, any fish can become easy.
While we have written many a time how white bread is not the best choice for a health-minded nutrition junkie like ourselves, we have hardly explained which types of bread are a more nutritious and healthier choice, which is exactly what we intend to do in this article.
Find why it’s important to avoid these and 9 other mistakes when preparing a sandwich, and how to make a sandwich like a chef.

What you need to understand about pasta is that taste alone isn’t the be-all-end-all of culinary delight. Different shapes of pasta are more naturally chewy, interact better with different sauces and more. Here is all you need to know about pairing the various types of pasta with different sauces.


Video collection: 24 Basic Kitchen Tutorials

There is so much to know when it comes to food preparation, cooking, and baking. So it's always a good bet to cover your basics. To this end, we bring you here a marvelous series of tutorials that covers 24 different foods and kitchen know-hows that'll cover all your bases.
The mutual ingredient in any recipe, be it a salad, dessert, sauce, soup or a main dish are cooking oils. They’re just essential in any kitchen, there’s no way around it, and knowing which oil works best for which task can become the card up your sleeve that will elevate your cooking skills from average to profound. 
People switch to plant milk for health reasons, moral reasons and just for the heck of it, and who are we not to encourage experimentation? Not to say that plant milks are a one-trick pony, but different plant milk varieties do work best for different tasks, and in this article, we’d like to explain which plant milks are best cut out for which task.
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