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The Great Uses & Benefits of Salt

There are more than 14,000 ways to use salt, many of which are still in use today. Before you is some of the best advice for efficient use of salt, that will help you resolve a number of different problems. 


Important! If you're sensitive to salt, you must consult a doctor about the proper way of consuming it.


In the kitchen, more than just a flavor enhancer...

  • Boiling eggs in salty water will make sure that even if the eggs break, their insides will not escape, and you will be able to take off the shell with ease.
  • To check if the egg is fresh, put it in a bowl filled with salty water. A fresh egg will sink, while a stale egg will float.
  • Peeled apples, pears and potatoes won't blacken if you put them in cold, slightly salty, water.
  • Have coffee or tea marks in your cups? You can remove them with a moist sponge and some salt water.
  • Your glassware can go back to being shiny and transparent if you wash them with hot salt water and then with regular cold water.
  • Using salt, you can easily clean the bottom of a burnt pot or pan - just add a thick layer of salt at the bottom, add some water and leave the pot to stand for the night. In the morning - boil the water.
  • A combination of salt and baking soda will clean the fridge and remove odors.
  • If you add just a tiny pinch of salt to your coffee it will improve the taste and counter the bitterness.
  • If you add a tiny pinch of salt to milk it will stay fresh for longer.

Salty Medicine

  • According to Russian folklore, drinking vodka mixed with salt is great for curing a nasty bout of food poisoning. If you don't drink alcohol, drink a few glasses of well-salted water, and then try to regurgitate it (This is NOT an alternative to medical treatment!).
  • In case of a cold, drink a bit of vodka with salt.
  • If your blood pressure is down, quickly drink a very salty glass of water.
  • A good way to increase the amount of stomach acids for digestion: 5-30 minutes after eating, put 1-2 grams of sea or cooking salt on the tip of your tongue. After the salt melts, swallow the salty saliva in your mouth. Such a small amount of salt won't harm you, but will cause an extra release of stomach acids.
  • Salt is a great disinfectant - If you clean wounds with salt water soaked materials, they won't become inflamed.
  • Granulomas of the tooth will be gone after two weeks of being cleaned with salt water.
  • For a tooth ache - rinse your mouth with salt water after every meal and before going to sleep.
  • For pneumonia and strong coughing, place a wash cloth soaked in salt water on the back of the person, on the area of the infection.

  • Adenomas can be treated by holding down a cotton wash cloth folded to four layers and soaked in salt water for two weeks.
  • Salt helps in treating acne and boils. Place a little salt on a bandage and put it on the infected area for an hour. You can repeat the process a few times a day.
  • When you have bruises, put a compress of salt and vinegar on it. It is also a useful way to treat headaches.
  • To treat varicose veins, use a compress of salt water on the problematic vein, and on that, an elastic bandage. If you do this regularly, morning and evening, the veins will slowly return to normal.
  • To treat foot fungus, soak your feet for 5-10 minutes in a mixture of two tablespoons of salt for every 0.5 liters of hot water. You can add some ground garlic to the mix. Repeat until fully healed.
  • After getting stung by a bee, smear a bit of wet salt on the stung area - it will calm down the pain and the swelling.
  • If you want smooth, healthy skin, rub your body with a salt stone before showering. In addition to a cosmetic treatment, you will also gain a medical benefit while ions of salt penetrate the skin and energize the body.
  • A salt massage also helps to treat low blood pressure, chronic digestive problems, diabetes, and regular colds. That said, there are also possible NEGATIVE side effects, namely open wounds on the skin, rashes or bouts of eczema. 

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