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Then and Now: Pictures That Show The World Keeps Changing

The world around us is constantly changing and evolving, even though we may not be noticing it in detail. That street you grew up in as a child is likely to have transformed by now. The same is true for countless other streets, places, and landmarks from the world over. This becomes more evident when we get the opportunity to compare different places from the past and how they look in the present.

A website named ‘re.photos’ has made that possible, thankfully. Dedicated to 're-photographies' (pictures based on “before and after”, “then and now”), they have collected several photographs of the past and the present of places from around the world. These showcase how starkly our world continues to change. Sometimes for the good. Sometimes not so much. 

#1. Reichstag, Germany, 1945 and 2012
Past and Present Reichstag, Germany
#2. Karl Johan Street, Norway, 1899 - 2007
Past and Present Karl Johan Street, Norway
#3. St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, Ireland, 2004 and 2013
Past and Present St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, Ireland
#4. Chaney Glacier, USA, 1911 and 2005
Past and Present Chaney Glacier, USA
#5. Japanese Soldiers Moving Through Kuala Lumpur (1942) & Kuala Lumpur (2016)
Past and Present Japanese Soldiers Moving Through Kuala Lumpur
#6. Opera Hanoi, Vietnam, 1945 and 2015
Past and Present Opera Hanoi, Vietnam
#7.Lunch Atop a Skyscraper, USA (1932) and England (2011)
Past and Present Lunch Atop a Skyscraper
#8. Shepard Glacier, USA, 1913 and 2005 
Past and Present Shepard Glacier, USA
#9. Nowomiejska Street, Poland, 1874 and 2016
Past and Present Nowomiejska Street, Poland
#10. Pont De L'alma, Paris, France, 1900 and 2017
Past and Present Pont De L'alma, Paris, France
#11. Seljestadjuvet, Odda, Norway, 1887 and 2014
Past and Present Seljestadjuvet, Odda, Norway
#12. Mont Saint-Michel, France, 1908 and 2016
Past and Present Mont Saint-Michel, France
#13. Rysstad, Norway, 1888 and 2013
Past and Present Rysstad, Norway,
#14. Portobello Beach, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1919 - 2016
Past and Present Portobello Beach, Edinburgh, Scotland
#15. Martin Luther Statue, Dresden, Germany, 1958 and 2014
Past and Present Martin Luther Statue, Dresden, Germany
#16. National Textile Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1971 and 2016
Past and Present National Textile Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
#17. Warmenhuizen, Holland, 1950 and 2016
Past and Present Warmenhuizen, Holland,
#18. Sultan Abdul Samad, Malaysia, 1941 and 2016
Past and Present  Sultan Abdul Samad, Malaysia
#19. L'viv, Ukraine, 1943 and 2017
Past and Present L'viv, Ukraine,
Images courtesy: re.photos

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