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21 Jaw-Dropping Optical Illusions and Incredible Natural Photos

 The optical illusions will try to confuse your brain, so much so that you might start thinking that these photos have been edited. Others just look like they're straight out of a fairy tale. But don’t be deceived, all 21 of these photos are a hundred percent real, and the ones who took them just happened to notice how unbelievable, otherworldly and strange the view in front of them looked like. After all, being in the right place at the right time and having good observation skills will help you notice the most unusual optical illusions even in the most ordinary, everyday things.

1. Each quarter of this landscape is so different the picture looks like a collage

optical illusions divided landscape
Image Source: Reddit
2. During a forest wildfire, a forest worker captured this photo of a tree burning up from the inside. The actual flames of the fire were so hot they looked neon purple
optical illusions fire
Image Source: Reddit

3. Don't be afraid, this dog isn't on fire, he's just covered in some holi powder (the colorful powders used during the Indian Holi festival)

4. Teacups that look like they have holes in them
optical illusions teacups with holes
Image Source: Reddit
5. This photo was taken through the window, merging the person with the bird of prey into a figure resembling the Egyptian falcon god Horus
optical illusions falcon person selfie
Image Source: Reddit

6. From a magnificent sunset to a bright day

optical illusions sunset
Image Source: Reddit

7. The sun was setting under a car and this cute doggy was sitting just in the right spot

optical illusions dog sun
Image Source: Imgur
8. An aerial view of a road in Germany after a major storm
optical illusions fallen trees after a storm
Image Source: Imgur

9. Is this a boy giant climbing the mountains? Nope, just a regular kid exploring a rotten tree stump

optical illusions tree and boy
Image Source: Reddit
10. It looks like someone forgot to finish coloring this photo, but it's just a girl in a really cool monochromatic Santa costume
optical illusions black and white costume
Image Source: Flickr
11. These burnout marks look like they're hanging in the air
optical illusions burnout marks
Image Source: Reddit
12. Rainbow pools like this one can be sometimes spotted in marshes and mangroves. The rainbow is created by the oils released into the water by decaying plant compounds
optical illusions rainbow marsh
Image Source: Reddit

13. All four seasons in one picture

optical illusions 4 seasons
Image Source: Reddit
14. The reflection of an Easter decal makes this kitty look like a mini rainbow leopard 
optical illusions rainbow leopard
Image Source: Reddit

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15. This section of the I-80 In Wyoming carries the nickname 'highway to heaven'

optical illusions highway to heaven

16. Did you notice? The splash of water near the elephant also looks like an elephant's head

optical illusions elephant
Image Source: Reddit

17. These are not two pictures compiled, it's just a pole dividing the photo into two distinct parts

optical illusions pole
Image Source: Reddit

18. The water in Sweden can be so clear it's almost invisible

optical illusions invisible water
Image Source: Reddit
19. This marbling effect in the sky is unbelievable!
optical illusions sky marble
Image Source: Reddit
20. Absolutely stunning! A perfectly centered rainbow over a moonrise
optical illusions rainbow over a sunset
Image Source: Reddit
21. Only part of this ice cave in Iceland is lit by the sun's rays, which makes it look like an enormous amber crystal
optical illusions ice cave
Image Source: Instagram
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