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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest Finalists Are In

 Some animal photography contests take themselves pretty seriously, but this one certainly doesn’t. Every year, a panel of judges picks the very best out of hundreds of comedy wildlife photographs to pick the very best animal funny pictures of the year. The whole project (which you can view here) is an incredibly fun way of raising awareness for animal conservation. Here are some of this year’s finalists:
1. “Sharks? I ain’t afraid of no sharks, they’re the biggest chumps in the ocean. Wait, there isn’t one behind me, is there?”
2. Poor bird
3. “I TOLD you to wash the car, FIVE TIMES!”
Comedy animals: bird argumentSource: Vlado Pirsa
4. “Did I leave the oven on?”
5. Not a care in the world
6. “I am shocked and appalled”
Comedy animals: surprised otterSource: Harry Walker
7. “It can’t be Monday already, can it?”
Comedy animals: tired bearSource: Eric Fisher
8. There’s bad hair day, and then there’s… this
Comedy animals: penguin hairSource: Eric Keller
9. It’s the abominable snowman!
Comedy animals: monkey in snowSource: Roie Galitz
10. Having a giggle
Comedy animals: laughing snowy owlSource: Vicki Jauron
11. “Stag? Nope, no stags here. Only shrubs”
Comedy animals: camouflaged stag deerSource: Mike Rowe
12. Parenthood, in a nutshell
13. Can you help me out here? I don’t see any animal in this picture
14. “You think I’m afraid of you, punk?”
15. Rolling on the floor laughing
Comedy animals: laughing sealSource: Lloyd Durham
16. What are they going to invent next, solar-powered turtles?
Comedy animals: jet birdSource: Bob Carter
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