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10 Beautiful Car Models from the 1960s

 In recent years, it seems both television and cinema have rekindled their love story with the 1960s, and we can’t really fault them, the fashion was incredible, interior design was imaginative and cool, and the cars, oh, the cars… since the decade of Woodstock, many car manufacturers have attempted to recapture the sleekness and beauty of 60s-era cars, but none have succeeded. Here are 10 of the car models that really make us want to go back in time.
1. The 2nd generation B-body Dodge Charger
2. The Citroën DS isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we love the design
60s car models: Citroën DSSource: Klugschnacker
3. The Jaguar E-Type Series 1, exactly the type of excellence you expect from a Jag
60s car models: Jaguar E-Type series 1Source: Karrmann
4. The gorgeous 1960 Chevy Corvette
60s car models: 1960 Chevy CorvetteSource: Rex Gray
5. No one would expect a pickup truck to be chic, but that’s exactly what the 1960 El Camino is
60s car models: 1960 El CaminoSource: JOHN LLOYD
6. The Ford GT40 wouldn’t look out of place in a 2019 new model unveiling
60s car models: Ford GT40Source: More Cars
7. 1960 Buick Invicta. This thing looks like it can slice through wind
60s car models: 1960 Buick InvictaSource: Sicnag
8. The Mustang. Absolutely timeless
60s car models: Mustang
9. 1961 Cadillac Series 62, simple and classy
60s car models: 1961 Cadillac Series 62Source: MartinHansV
10. And finally, the 1968 Lamborghini Miura brings some Italian beauty into the mix
60s car models: 1968 Lamborghini MiuraSource: Ligabo
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