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Beautiful Graffiti that Pop out of the Wall

 Sergio Odeith of Portugal is one of the most prominent and seasoned street artists in Europe, having operated since the '80s. However, he only started receiving widespread attention in the past decade, all thanks to a novel technique he started employing. Odeith creates mesmerizing 3D illusions by painting on various surfaces. For his canvas, Odeith often chooses the seediest and most derelict areas of the city, transforming abandoned warehouses, silos and other objects into incredible works of tantalizing art.
Here are the places Odeith chose to transform. Click on the pictures to reveal Odeith’s incredible graffiti.
1. The Final Stop
3D Street Art: bus
2. Memento Mori
3D Street Art: skull
3. Suspension
3D Street Art: hole
4. Aquarium
3D Street Art: chameleon
5. Look at the Incredible Detail!
3D Street Art: reflection
6. Trapped
3D Street Art: ladybug
7. Bioluminescent
3D Street Art: firefly
8. Bursting Out
3D Street Art: abstract
9. Arachnophobia
3D Street Art: spider
10. Black Widow
3D Street Art: black widow
11. The Artist's Signature

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