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Useless Grocery Products We All Buy

 We’re living in a hyper-commercial world where everything we need is readily available if we’ve got to the cash to pay for it. But it’s also full of pitfalls, where many people are trying to sell us stuff we don’t actually need, or worse- products that do absolutely nothing. Sadly, we’ve all fallen victim to marketing ploys and manipulations one time or another, but it’s even scarier when these products are items we always include in our shopping cart.
Let’s sift through the nonsense as we shine a light on some of the most popular useless products around.
1. Chicken Stock
Useless Products: chicken stock bouillon
We get it; cooking takes up time and effort and sometimes, you’d rather be done with it as quickly as possible. Companies that produce and sell packaged chicken or beef stock are banking on your laziness, but as far as we’re concerned, using store-bought stocks in most cases is the equivalent of a culinary blasphemy. Most boxed stocks actually taste nothing like the real thing should, and are pumped full of MSG, preservatives and the like.
2. Probiotics
Useless Products: probiotics
Some of the most overpriced products in any pharmacy are these supposed miracle supplements which promise to foster a better microbiome and promote better digestion. That being said, not only are probiotics easily found in fermented foods such as yogurt and pickles, there is zero clinical evidence that probiotics are helpful except as a complementary treatment after taking antibiotics or some marginal attenuation of IBS symptoms.
3. Feminine Rinse
Useless Products: douche cleaning
Products such as douches are everywhere, but the truth is that there is no real medical or hygienic need for them. under normal conditions, the human body is perfectly capable of taking good care of its internal cleanliness, and this is particularly true of the vagina. Moreover, these rinses can actually do more harm than good, causing dryness, irritation, and even infections.
4. Cellulite Creams
Useless Products: cellulite cream
An unfortunate physiological fact that nearly all women need to contend with are the pocks and dimples that cellulite leaves on the skin. Everyone wants a magical solution to cellulite, but there simply is none. If you’re using cellulite cream with the expectation that it will make cellulite go away over time, prepare to be disappointed. At best, what these creams can do is temporarily mask them.
5. Spice Blends
Useless Products: spice blend
Let’s face the music: the only reason to ever buy a prepackaged spice blend is laziness. Spice blends are often pricier than standalone spices, have a much more limited utility and are made of spices every aspiring cook should have in his or her kitchen to begin with. This is particularly true of curry mixes, considering curry is a Western invention that barely has anything to do with Asian cuisine.
6. Bottled Water
Useless Products: bottled water
Imagine paying for stuff you can get for free. Incredible, right? But companies that sell bottled water have caught on to a genius marketing ploy: people will always rather spend a couple of dollars for a vague promise of quality and health benefits. The truth is most bottled water comes from the same sources as your tap water, and actually undergoes a less stringent screening for contamination than what comes out of your tap. And this is to say nothing of the amount of plastic waste bottled water produces.
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