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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

  We each have a favorite color. Studies in recent years have shown that the human animal is VERY color oriented, and indeed colors can mean a great deal to us. So much so that we're going to try and guess what kind of person you are according to the color you pick! So, pick your favorite color and click on it, then scroll down to see who we think you are! Did we get it right?


If your favorite color is red it means you are an extroverted person, with a healthy dose of optimism, bravery and self assurance. You let your actions do the talking, and you have strong survival instincts - and so love and relationships are things that are very important to you. You enjoy being the center of attention, and in fact sometimes demand it. Others are drawn to your energy and the excitement you easily provoke. You're also very competitive, you like to win, number 2 is not enough for you, usually, and you want it all or nothing.
You are an explorer and innovator of the world, because you have that adventurous spirit. You have so many dreams and you aren't afraid to pursue them. That is why you are always in a hurry, trying to get a lot of things done, but patience is a virtue you are well aware of. If someone makes you angry, you are quick to temper, but quick to forgive. You know how to work hard and keep your hands busy. You are considered great employees, with lots of energy to perform your work best.


If your favorite color is Orange, you are a warm, optimistic, and extroverted person who can be a bit of a showoff as well. You are very social, with a pleasant disposition, and you are both assertive and determined. Unlike people who like red, you are a lot less aggressive, and so you don't seek to rule social engagements. You enjoy parties and even hosting them, where you truly shine - you have the quality of a performer and your voice carries above others. You are very tolerant and accept all people as they are, perhaps because you're a people person, and because you get depressed if left alone for long periods of time. That said, you are a free spirit who doesn't want to be tied down, and so relationships and keeping faithful can be a challenge to some of you, unless you are truly in love. You live your life according to your gut instinct and are happy to go on any adventure that you're invited on - even risky things like skydiving or mountain climbing.
This is because you love being active and hanging out in nature, and you love new experiences! You're not the best at keeping a tidy home, not because you're lazy but because that's not that important to you - you want to enjoy life and you don't look for the repetitive life, and so a little dust won't disturb you. You love cooking, and have a knack for it. Patience is not one of your virtues, and when you feel pressure you can easily pass it on to others. Since you are hard to predict your friends see you as someone who will always surprise and make them laugh, and you definitely do so. Your strongest need is to be among people you appreciate and be constantly challenged by fun experiences.


If your favorite color is yellow, you are a happy and fresh person who is fun to be around, because you spread this happy vibe everyone wants to be a part of. You have an especially creative mind, and you have new ideas coming to you left and right. However, you need the help of others to make these ideas take form in real life. You tend to judge yourselves and others harshly, because you are perfectionists. You try to analyze everything, but still tend to impulsiveness and quick decision making. 

That said, you are prone to taking on too many things at once, and experiencing worry and stress over it, and so your mind needs a framework to your life, a pacing. You are great at being independent, and you prefer a small circle of good friends who share your attitude. You prefer to use your head to achieve goals instead of physical labor, and if you're having a bad day, no one will know about it because you'll keep on giving that happy vibe, even during a crisis. You're very spontaneous and modern life doesn't stress you out - you even enjoy discovering new technology - if it's in an area that you love. You're very good at contacting people and getting information out of them, which would make you ideal journalists. You are great at making money but also great at spending it, so watch out for that trend. You know how to dress to impress, but sometimes get mistaken as vain by those who don't know you better. 

Most importantly, you want to express yourselves in creative ways.


If your favorite color is green, it means you are a very practical person with both feet on the ground, who loves nature with all their heart, and anything connected to it. You strive for balance in all domains of your life, and the search for this balance may sometimes cause you heavy stress. You are generally very kind and polite person, the kind anyone would want around them in times of need. You have the character of a worried mother, but be careful not to put other people before yourself all the time, you need to take care of yourselves as well. 

You are very intelligent and love learning. You have an intellectual curiosity that opens your mind to many things. It's easy for you to to learn new ideas and concepts. You have a strong need for love and you need to feel like you belong. You don't like to lead but to be part of a group or be the social leader instead of the ones giving everyone commands and rules. You like to feel involved in the community you live in, and you have high morals that help you know what to do most of the time. 

You are a loyal partner but it's hard for you to achieve the crazy passion because you strive for balance and not extremes. You have a hard time saying no to sweet foods. You don't tend to take risks and are bored by small details, so you'd rather run a business and focus on the big picture then get bogged down in small details. You have a great ability of putting yourself in other people's shoes, and your strong needs? Feeling secure and loved.



If blue is your favorite color, you are conservative, stable people who can be counted on, and you tend to others easily, not too  seriously, even though it may take you time to decide a certain individual is worthy of your friendship, since it is a major commitment for you.

You are neither impulsive nor rash, you always think before acting, and you do things at your own pace. You take your life and your interests seriously, and you have need for peace and harmony in your daily life. A daily meditation routine would be just the thing for you.

You seem very confident and in control on the outside but deep inside you may feel the opposite is true. You may have control over your emotions most of the time, but over long stretches, they may overwhelm you and then may slip out of your control all together. As they say - When calm people get angry they don't know how to control it.

You like helping others but you may sacrifice yourself for them. You are stubborn and like to do things your own way - especially when it comes to cleaning and tidying up. You are the most loyal of partners, and put the spouse front and center. You have a huge thirst for knowledge and you tend to seek authoritative figures to guide you along.

You most want to find inner peace and live life by your own ideals.



If purple is your favorite, it means you are sensitive and kind people who understand others' feelings better than they do themselves. You are the kind of person other people come to for help. You have a free soul, and you are very sensitive, so even a small comment from someone can have strong impacts on you, although you'd never show it.

Most of your life is calm and people are drawn to your charisma and energy. You may seem shy to some, but you are actually creative, inward drawn and imaginative. You dress your own unique way, you like to think of the future and create fantasies in your head about it. 

You also tend to look at life through rose tinted glasses, seeing it a bit better than it actually is. You have a kind and generous character that demands nothing in return other than respect and kindness. You like small group of trustworthy friends. You hate copying others and you feel like the universe will ultimately take care of you. Your strongest need it to feel emotionally stable and also helping others you care about.


If your favorite color is pink, you are loving, kind, generous and sensitive to other people's needs. You are very social and people are drawn to your soft and kind nature. You like taking care of others but also like being pampered yourselves - which is important because you tend to neglect yourselves. You are very much in touch with your feminine side, even if you are male, and so you are a very romantic, sensual person. You have a rosy outlook on life and you tend to look for the best in people, sometimes ignoring warning signs you shouldn't!

You're a very organized person, but sometimes you want to let things get out of control to just see what happens. That said, you are very far from being a violent person, and most people will just see you as happy. You have a sweetness to you that is almost childlike, and you will usually look younger than you are.

Your strongest needs are to be accepted by others, unconditionally. 



If your favorite color is brown, it means you are a realistic, strong person who can be simply described as "Salt of the Earth". You have a lot of self confidence, and are unafraid to walk up to strangers and have an honest conversation with them. If you are given a job to do or a responsibility to take care of, you will take it as seriously as they come.

Family is the most important thing to you and so is being comfortable in your home, which must be simple but of high quality. That's how you see most of life, as well.

You are great friends who can be counted upon, but you are sensitive to criticism, especially those of friends. You may not tell them to their face what you think about them, but you sure will give it a lot of thought. Because you are warm people, it's easy for others to open up to you and trust you. You take life seriously but like to make dry jokes about it, sometimes as a funny complaint or just a sarcastic or witty note about life.

You like to have everything in its place, but you don't like perfectionists, as you feel they go to extreme lengths. You enjoy good food and drink, but you don't like to commit to events or activities until you know exactly what they're about. You sometimes see life as a struggle and you believe it was never meant to be easy, but you will still help others make theirs easier. 

Your strongest needs are a safe and comfortable environment, and being close to your family and friends.

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