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These Birds Are Totally Cuckoo!

 Joshua Barkman is a talented artist based in Guelph, in southern Ontario, who creates beautiful watercolor illustrations. His popular webcomic, False Knees, is a mix of beautiful animal art (mostly birds, for whom Barkman seems to have a special love) and often absurd humor that is guaranteed to elicit a hoot or a cackle (okay, enough bird puns).

1. Vertigo

2. When your metaphors don’t hold up to the test of reality

3. What makes an artist

4. We’ve all been there

5. Be more supportive of your friends

6. Ever wondered what birds talk about?

7. *gulp*

8. Perspective

9. Halloween

10. We’ve all wondered about that, no?


11. Sometimes work is a great way to escape that one guy…

12. Mnemonics

13. The perks of being human

14. Buy yourself something nice

15. Itsy bitsy spider

16. So relatable

17. Have you heard about this new diet/training regimen/yoga?

18. Technically…

19. When your maternal instinct kicks in unexpectedly in the presence of toddlers

20. Quite the handy guide

21. True friends

22. The meaning of life

23. The artist in the flesh


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