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Meet the Samoyed: Polar Bear with the Heart of a Labrador

 Commonly nicknamed “smileys” for their wide and adorable grins, Samoyeds are a breed of rather large and very fluffy dogs originating in Siberia, where they were used by the nomadic Samoyed people as herding and hunting dogs. Their friendliness, tenderness and playful disposition makes them wonderful companions for humans of all ages.

Here are some pictures, showcasing how majestic and cute these bear-looking dogs are:

1. Best selfie ever


A post shared by MAYA THE SAMOYED (@mayapolarbear) on


2. Carpool karaoke


Twinning with the hooman 🥰

A post shared by Alaska The Samoyed (@overalaska) on


3. Family portrait

Today we brought our second Samoyed home. So far, so good!

4. Let us in!

We want our breakfast NOW! from r/samoyeds

5. Help, I’m being overrun!



A post shared by Hello, I’m Pillow! (@pillowthegoodboy) on


6. I made you some arts and crafts!

Came home to my Samoyed puppy Kairo looking extremely proud of what he’d done. The toilet paper hanging from his mouth was the giveaway!

7. Heavy? Nah, he’s all hair.

Hudson the Polar Bear! Close enough to one anyways!

8. A herd of Samoyeds with their shepherd

A pack of samoyeds

9. Polar bear cub or Samoyed puppy?

My samoyed looks more like polar bear then yours

10. I hunted this huge polar bear, now I use it as a rug

Polar bear rug. Sleepy Boy.

11. Eenie meenie miny mo


12. Naughty puppy before a much-needed bath

The aftermath of wet weather meeting a samoyed puppy digging a hole...

13. A bundle of happiness

Baby samoyeds look like little polar bears!

14. Baby brothers

Zelda got scared on the drive home...

15. Too cool for school

Get in fuckboi

16. And he deserved every single one of those

Taika the love bug
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