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A Black and White Doorway to a World Gone By

 The invention of the camera was one of the most important events in modern history for many reasons, including an unprecedented ability to freeze moments in time for generations to come. Here are some amazing black-and-white photos that serve as a window to the past:
1. An early (and especially cumbersome) diving suit, 1911
2. Still from the set of a horror film, Creature from the Black Lagoon, 1954
Black and white pictures: black lagoonSource: thelastdrivein  
3. Who needs Photoshop? Not surrealist photographer Angus McBean
4. “The kids these days have got their faces glued to their phones”
Black and white pictures: smartphonesSource: Reddit
5. Box-beds were popular in Europe since medieval times and were only abandoned in the 19th century
6. This creepy picture was taken at a Pioneer (Soviet youth org) defense drill, 1937
Black and white pictures: gas masks
7. Playing pushball with cars, 1925
8. A policeman acting as a referee in an… ankle competition? 1930
Black and white pictures: ankle competitionSource: Reddit
9. Creative prohibition-era measure of carrying booze: Inside a hollowed-out cane, 1922
Black and white pictures: prohibition
10. The Isolator, a helmet designed to help you focus on chores by shutting out outside noise and distractions, 1925
11. Man, were ads weird in the 50’s
12. Have you seen the “distracted boyfriend” meme? Here is a prefiguration
Black and white pictures: distractedSource: Reddit
13. Carrying a constrictor snake, wearing knee-high socks and short-shorts, on roller-skates, 1980
Black and white pictures: boaSource: DaFunOne / imgur 
14. "Do you any carry-on baggage?"
Black and white pictures: babySource: matthewpoyiadgi
15. In an effort to curb depression, Hungarians used tape to force their faces into grins, 1930’s
Black and white pictures: smileSource: ElderZosima / imgur  
16. Women’s athletic garb, turn of the century
Black and white pictures: athletesSource: DaFunOne / imgur 
17. The original limousine, 1910
Black and white pictures: limoSource: DaFunOne / imgur 
18. Why trousers are a good idea when riding the roller coaster
19. The NY Times building under construction in Longacre Square. A year later it would be renamed Times Square, 1903
Black and white pictures: times square
20. Audience watching a 3D movie, 1951
Black and white pictures: 3D
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