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The Alps Stunning Photography at Night

 Italian Photographer Roberto Bertero is in love with night photography in the Alps. Unlike anyone else, he manages to capture the otherworldly beauty and natural wonders of these mountains at night. In his photographs, the Alpine landscapes sometimes appear as cozy clouds of snow, but at other times, they look like indestructible fortresses. 

A selection of some of his best works, in our opinion, is displayed in our article. Some of the photographs come with a story, too. The first shot, for example, is that of Mount Rocciamelone, Italy. From top to bottom, the unbelievably bright stars and the Milky Way mirror the city lights in the valley.

Perfect symmetry is upheld if you gaze at the picture from left to right as well: Mars on the left-hand side mirrors Jupiter on the right. The silhouette of a person standing in the middle of the frame balances the photo and acts as an anchor point for the eye.

Mount Rocciamelone
Alps Photography Bertero timelapse
landscape of the Matterhorn mountain in the background of lake Stellisee
These two pictures are so similar and yet have very different moods. The upper picture is a landscape of the Matterhorn mountain in the background of lake Stellisee. It has a sense of peaceful coziness and comfort as the tent radiates with warmth in an opal hue against the blue stillness of the mountain landscape.

The photo down looks and feels very different. The same orange tent now suddenly looks so vulnerable and exposed against the harsh black pointy peaks of mountain Brec de Chambeyron.
Brec de Chambeyron
Alps Photography Bertero Fort Of The Clouds
Alps Photography Bertero Silent Immensity
In this photograph, you can see an accumulation of clouds slipping down the steep rocky ridges of Mount Rocciamelone. The photographer himself described this picture as a “silky waterfall”, but it is, in fact, a naturally-occurring process on high altitudes called lenticular clouds.
Alps Photography Bertero Mount Rocciamelone venticular clouds
Alps Photography Bertero Rosengarten Dolomites The Creation
Alps Photography Bertero Vallée Etroite
I would describe this shot as a portrait of a mountain, so meet Mont Blanc. This Italian mountain is the highest peak in the Alps and the highest mountain in all of western and central Europe. Perfectly centered in the frame of this picture, this peak stands 4,208 m tall and looks unapologetically massive and powerful.
Alps Photography Bertero Mont Blanc
Alps Photography Bertero Sweet Dreams Matterhorn
Alps Photography Bertero The Mysticism Of The Night

In this final photograph, you can see the Milky Way cutting through the night sky. The photo looks as if it was taken from outer space, with clouds forming into an ocean and blanketing the mountains almost completely. Roberto Bartero, the artist himself, pointed out that this was of the most spectacular views he has ever seen, and we completely agree with him.

Alps Photography Bertero Milky Way Above A Sea Of Clouds
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