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What You See First Will Tell You About Yourself


A universal fact about the human race is that we’re all eager to find out more about the kind of people that we are. If an alien race were ever to examine us as a whole, they’d find millions of different ways in which we strive to discover more about our personalities, and may possibly be utterly perplexed by the whole affair. If you are hungry to learn more about yourself, then the image below can provide you with a vast wealth of information.

Simply look at this image briefly, and take note of the first thing that you see:


What You See First

1. The Tree

If you saw the purple tree first, then this is a sign that you love learning new things. You’re probably a fan of supernatural phenomena, mysteries, and conspiracy theories, too. You easily understand psychology and various psychological theories, and people close to you consider you to be very wise. In fact, you are always digging deeper and striving to find out cosmic truths.

Your approach to self-actualization is inwards. You usually begin from the outside world, absorbing as much as can be in order to form your own opinions about life. You don’t really worry about how others perceive you, either. Make sure not to lose yourself while searching for greater truth and meaning. Remember, you are not the answers that you find, but the one who asks the questions.

2. The Birds/Nature

You’re a free spirit who refuses to abide by society's rules, and you’re eternally doing your own thing, no matter what! You never try to create or find yourself, but simply want to experience the world as it is. This can make it challenging to fit in at times, but you don’t really care! You prefer to travel and explore, never staying in a single place for too long.

Life is not something which you take too seriously, and you value experience over knowledge. Be sure to take good care of your relationships. Even though nothing is permanent, you will only ever truly find purpose after you build strong relationships with others.

3. The Face

If you saw the outline of a face first, then this means that you aim to create a perfect image of yourself. Such an image might be external or internal, but you should be aware that striving for such an image may be counterproductive, as it’s a bit of a forced illusion.

Your approach to self-actualization is outward, and you begin from your essence and you slowly materialize it into an image that you want to project onto the world. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with such an approach, ensure that your primary purpose of building such an image is not chasing approval from others.


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