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10 Self-Care Tips You’ll Be Happy You Followed

 Beauty isn’t only genetic, rather it also depends heavily on our everyday practices. Small habits can help us maintain a younger and fresher look, as long as we persist with them over time. Their effect over a period of time is great in the long run, so don’t underestimate them even if you don’t see immediate results. Here are 10 tips for keeping a youthful look that in ten years’ time you’ll be happy you followed!

1. Lift your feet above your head


During a phone call or while waiting for your food to heat in the microwave, lie on your back and lift your legs above your head. This practice will help prevent varicose veins in the legs because your blood will pump towards your head and prevent the effect of gravity on your legs - this will give the veins in the legs a little rest.

2. Apply sunscreen throughout the year


For some of you, this may sound a little strange, but applying sunscreen to your skin is important in the winter as well because, even then, the sun's rays are harmful to our skin. Studies have found that the skin of people who used sunscreen all year long aged 24 percent more slowly than those who didn’t. For the same reason, you should also wear sunglasses every season, not just in the summer, to protect your eyes.

3. Do not forget to take care of the skin on your neck 


The skin on the neck is as thin and delicate as the skin on the eyelids. It is also important to remember to apply moisturizer to your neck every day.

4. Take a bottle of water everywhere


Almost everyone already knows how important it is to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, but not all of us do so, usually because we forget. So, just make sure to take a bottle of water with you wherever you go, whether it's in your bag or on your desk, you'll definitely drink more water every time you see it.

5. Sleep on a satin pillowcase


Have you ever woken up with wrinkles on your face from the creases on your pillowcase? Know that this is also why you wake up with wild hair, and if you use a smooth silk or satin pillowcase you can protect your skin and hair from these effects and wake up with smoother skin every day, which will eventually protect your youthful look.

6. Don’t tie your hair back too tight


Any experienced hair stylist will tell you that tying a ponytail too tight is harmful to the hair. This practice makes the hair become fragile and over time it will grow split which creates an older unkempt look even at young ages. Another tip is to use a spiral hair tie instead of a rubber band as it helps keep the hair loose even when it is tied up.

7. Keep the 2/30 rule


The simple rule says this: For every two hours of sitting on the couch doing nothing, do half an hour of exercise. Not only will this rule help you lose weight and strengthen your body, but it will also help prevent snacking that stems from boredom.

8. Use dental floss and mouthwash


Since we were children we were always told to brush our teeth twice a day, however, this isn’t enough to keep a shiny white smile. Use mouthwash and floss every day before going to bed. This will reduce the amount of plaque in your teeth significantly and help keep your teeth white, especially if you drink tea and coffee every day. Furthermore, make a point of visiting your dentist every six months. Do this, and in 10 years your teeth will still be beautiful and healthy!

9. Hold the smartphone at eye level


Plastic surgeons say that in the last 10 years they have seen more and more cases of sagging chin and neck wrinkles in people under the age of 40. This is because we’ve grown accustomed to looking down at our smartphone, which negatively affects the muscles of the chin and neck. To avoid this, just make a habit of holding your phone up at eye level, which is also recommended if you read a lot.

10. Use a headset and don’t hold your smartphone to your face


Further to the topic in the previous section, when it is time to make a phone call it’s best not to hold your phone to your face. Studies have found that smartphone screens contain 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle in public toilets. These bacteria are harmful to your skin and can accelerate aging, so it is generally recommended that you clean it regularly with an alcohol pad.

image source: Brightside

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