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A New Way to Treat Vertigo

 Do you suffer from chronic vertigo or dizziness? In severe cases, your doctor can prescribe you a medication, though this comes with a host of problems. Thankfully, there is a special treatment that you can try and it is free and safe enough to practice at home. 

Before we get into technique let's take a closer look at what vertigo is. Vertigo isn't just dizziness. It is a debilitating condition that can lead to life-threatening consequences, like higher risks of falls and car accidents. People who have experienced vertigo report that everything about them moves and spins. They will be unable to drive and walk and will have to hold onto a wall. It is a terrifying experience. 

Thankfully, otolaryngologist Dr. Carol Foster says that this special method will stamp vertigo right out when the patient starts to experience its first signs. But what causes vertigo? It usually stems from a complex inner ear issue where a build-up of particles start shifting upon movement, making the sufferer feel an intense spinning sensation. Recognizing this, Dr. Foster realized that by using a twisting and turning motion she was able to release the built-up particles, alleviating the symptoms of dizziness. She then developed an exercise for her patients which anyone can do at home.


Here's How:

1. Get down on your knees and sit on the backs of your heels.
2. Tilt your head back with your eyes aimed at the ceiling. If your dizziness increases momentarily, don't worry.
3. While on your knees, put hands on the floor in front of you and let your head hang loose with your chin slightly tucked in.
4. Turn your head to either your right or left elbow depending on which ear you need to treat.

Bear in mind that it's important you achieve the right form. So, before you execute the above, watch this video below: 

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