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Videos From The Corso Zundert Flower Parade 2018

 Every year, a flower parade takes place in the small town of Zundert in the Netherlands, where one can see statues that reach up to 10 meters high, all of which are made of colorful Dahlias. Throughout the year, the townspeople work hard to design and build new creative sculptures for the annual parade, and masses of people come from all over the world to witness this amazing beauty. Some of the sculptures even move, and you are invited to watch these statues in movement in the following 20 videos, which come from the annual Corso Zundert Flower Parade of 2018.

1. Out of Space

2. Iguana In (ter) action

3. Dahlia-harvest

4. Overload

5. Clowning around

6. Urbanistation 

7. Crown jewel


9. Sereen

10. Made In China

video source: Omroep Brabant / Youtube

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