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50 Great Ideas That Will Keep Your Grandkids Entertained

If you absolutely love spending time with your grandchildren but often find yourself running out of ideas that will keep them happy and occupied, then you've come to the right place! That's because we've listed a massive list of 50 great ideas below, that'll help your grandkids learn and grow in a very wonderful way!
Grandkids activities

1. Go for a wonderful nature walk. Make sure to point out all the critters you can spot along the way, such as insects, birds, and butterflies.

2. Set up a lemonade stand on your front porch or lawn for your grandkids to attend. You can try making unusual lemonade flavors too, such as pineapple lemonade or apple lemonade.

3. Go for a walk around some well-populated parking lots and try and see how many different state license plates the kids can spot.

4. Help your grandkids build their own birdhouse, using things around the house that can be recycled.

5. Go for a spot of cloud-gazing, and encourage your grandchildren to make up stories about what they see in the sky.

6. Grab a baseball and play catch until it's too dark to see the ball any longer.

7.  Get on your bikes, and give your grandkids a local tour of your neighborhood.

8. Borrow a handful of mystery books from your local library, and take turns reading chapters to each other when night starts to fall.

9. Turn on a music channel and have yourselves a karaoke session.

10. Go for a picnic somewhere quiet. It could even be your backyard if you don't really feel like leaving home.

Grandkids activities

11. Teach your grandchild one of your own favorite hobbies, such as knitting, cooking, playing an instrument, or painting.

12. Get hold of some plain white T-shirts and let your grandchildren decorate them as they please.

13. Go swimming somewhere new, such as a nearby lake.

14. Grab a few poles and some old bed sheets and build an outdoor tepee.

15. Visit some local landmarks and take many photos with them pulling funny or artistic poses.

16. Visit a museum that you have never been to before. The more unknown the subject matter is, the better.

17. Go to the beach and let your grandkids bury you in the sand.

18. Come up with a wild story by taking turns to dictate a sentence each.

19. Visit the local firehouse. We recommend calling in advance to see if your grandkids will be able to sit inside a fire truck.

20. Use old socks to create puppets. Then use them to put on your own puppet show.

Grandkids activities

21. Get your grandkids to make their own paper airplanes, and then see who can throw theirs the furthest.

22. Get some small gardening tools, and let your grandkids plant their own vegetables or flowers.

23. Go to the beach with a huge bucket, and collect as many shells as possible. Your grandkids can use them for craft later on.

24. Pick the perfect spot and go camping. You can choose to go to some nearby woods, your backyard, or even a scenic campsite nearby.

25. Take your grandkids outside and go and pick some wildflowers. They can then use them to decorate the house.

26. Make a sundial, and teach young grandchildren how to tell the time.

27. Take your grandkids to a batting cage, and see if you can spark their love for baseball.

28. Teach your grandchildren how to play with marbles.

29. Go to the nearest lake and enjoy feeding the ducks with some day-old bread.

30. Hunt for really flat rocks and teach your grandkids how to skim them off the surface of a lake.

Grandkids activities

31. Set up a bowling alley in your backyard using empty cans and an inflatable ball.

32. Grab a jar and show your grandchildren how to collect fireflies.

33. Give your grandkids some loose change and hit up your nearest yard sale.

34. Spend an entire day at the beach with the grandchildren digging for sand crabs.

35. Start learning a foreign language together. Then, find a community that speaks that language, and go out and chat with them!

36. Have a fancy tea party on your porch or in your backyard.

37. Go to your nearest ice skating rink, and cool off together.

38. Visit a petting zoo, and take loads of pictures of your grandkids feeding the animals.

39. Start keeping a scrapbook with your kids so that you can remember all of the things you do together.

40. Take turns being blindfolded, and trying to guess different fruits by using different senses, such as taste, smell, etc...

Grandkids activities

41. Find a jigsaw puzzle with an appropriate number of pieces, and see if you can solve it all in one evening.

42. Fetch some paint and some blank paper, and let your grandkids make art with handprints and footprints.

43. Help your grandchildren build a zipline for their toys.

44. Solve riddles, puzzles, and other kinds of brainteasers together.

45. Use pots, pans, and utensils to make your own marching band.

46. Transform a cardboard box into an incredible pirate ship.

47. Help your grandkids draw their very own family tree.

48. Use a tablet or smartphone to record you giving each other interviews.

49. Pretend you are mummies by wrapping yourselves up in toilet paper.

50. Make and fly your very own kite.

Make sure you share these ideas with any other grandparents who you know! 


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