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20 Stunning Photos of Women in Gorgeous Dresses

 Last year, we posted an article about beautiful girls wearing dresses against stunning international backdrops, which was so popular that we've decided to gather another collection just for you. What you're about to see is a showcase of the most outstanding pieces of fashion along with some of the most picturesque locations on the planet. Enjoy!
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1. Red Square, Moscow, Russia (Model: Nataly)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
2. Rub Al-Khali Desert, United Arab Emirates (Model: Gizem)
Beautiful Girls in Dresses
3. Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey (Model: Nastya)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
4. Cappadocia, Turkey (Model: Masha)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
5. El Nido, The Philippines (Model: Mary)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
6. Venice, Italy (Model: Idil)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
7. Cappadocia, Turkey (Model: Marina)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
8. White Temple, Chiang Rai, Thailand (Model: Kristina)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
9. Venice, Italy (Model: Idil)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
10. The Netherlands (Models: Asya and Nastya)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
11. Glacier Lagoon, Iceland (Model: Svetlana)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
12. Greenwich Park, London, United Kingdom (Model: Svetlana)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
13. Mauritius (Model: Katya)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
14. Moscow, Russia (Model: Inna)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
15. Tulip Fields, North Holland (Model: Asya)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
16. Mauritius (Model: Kristina)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
17. Gum, Moscow, Russia (Model: Alina)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
18. Zaryadye Park, Moscow, Russia (Model: Valeria)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
19. Moscow, Russia (Model: Nastya)Beautiful Girls in Dresses
20. Cappadocia, Turkey (Model: Katya)Beautiful Girls in Dresses


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Sources: boredpanda, instagram

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