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How Much Would You Pay for Chocolate?

Chocolate is one of the oldest foods in the world. It was already known in ancient times, the Aztecs and Mayan people would tend to grind cacao seeds and mix them with different spices, food and drink. Over the years, the chocolate transformed and became one of the world's most favorite treats and snacks. Alongside commercial varieties are also proudly fine and gourmet chocolate.

From a health perspective, chocolate is considered as an antioxidant that helps lower blood pressure and improve heart function, Maybe that's why some people will pay huge amounts for rare chocolates. How much money? You may not believe it. Here is a list of the most expensive chocolates in the world!


Chocolate Truffle Cake Box  

טעם עשיר - השוקולדים הכי יקרים בעולם!

Chocolate Truffle Cake Box is an EDIBLE box of chocolate. This is actually a cheese cake made from vanilla and bourbon coated in macadamia nuts  and decorated with white and dark chocolate. The top of the cake, the decorations and interior chocolates are all edible. The price of a box cake is $180.


Aficionado's Collection chocolates  

טעם עשיר - השוקולדים הכי יקרים בעולם!

Aficionado's Collection chocolates is a collection of famous cigars made especially for the holidays, from Swiss manufacturer 'The House Of Grauer'.The cigars are actually high quality Swiss chocolate rolled in a cigar leaf that comes in a variety of flavors to choose from, including Italian roasted nuts, milk chocolate with organic pollen from France and cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

The cigars are packaged in beautiful boxes that reflect the tradition of cigar smoking and offer an experience of taste and luxury. Prices range from $ 65 for 14 units to $275 dollars for 104 units.

'The chocolate' chocolate box

טעם עשיר - השוקולדים הכי יקרים בעולם!

A boutique factory called 'The Chocolate' designed one of the world's most luxurious chocolate truffles in the world. The Chocolate itself comes in a fancy box made from recycled materials and studded with 450 Swarovski crystal stones, inside and out. The price tag of this prestigious is $294 dollars.

Delafee's Chocolate Box

טעם עשיר - השוקולדים הכי יקרים בעולם!

The Swiss company Delafee specializes in ideas, gifts and designs covered in chocolate, and so it also sells chocolate boxes. This box contains 8 chocolate fingers coated with 24 carat gold sparkles at a price of $508 dollars a pound.

Michel Cluizel's 400 piece chocolate box 

טעם עשיר - השוקולדים הכי יקרים בעולם!

Michel Cluizel's chocolates are a rich-in-flavor experience. Inside his own edible chocolate box there are 400 pieces of neatly organized chocolates, with special designs and tastes. His box has a price tag of $895.

 Cocoa Gourmet royal collection 

טעם עשיר - השוקולדים הכי יקרים בעולם!

For true chocophiles or just rich enough to be willing to spend a fortune on chocolate, there is the Cocoa Gourmet royal collection, which offers chocolate pieces embedded with diamonds, gold and silver. The chocolates not only provide a sweet tooth delight but are also a luxurious symbol of status. This box, the price of which stands proudly at $1,250, offers only 12 pieces of Swiss Gnash chocolate, studded in previous metals and diamonds. The metals are safe for eating and hold to the international food standard.

Wispa chocolate bar 

טעם עשיר - השוקולדים הכי יקרים בעולם!

The Wispa chocolate bar is the most expensive chocolate bar in the world. Gold wrapped, it is valued at $1628 dollars.

Noka Vintages Collection 

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The Noka Vintages Collection is a delicious chocolate delicacy obtained from special cocoa beans that grow in exclusive plantations in Venezuela, Côte d'Ivoire, Trinidad and Ecuador. The chocolate is made from 75% pure chocolate with cocoa butter and sugar, without any addition of emulsifier or vanilla. It is sold for the amazing price of $854 dollars a pound.

Fritz Knipschildt's Chocopolagie

טעם עשיר - השוקולדים הכי יקרים בעולם!

Fritz Knipschildt's Chocopolagie is one of the most expensive and delicious delicacies in the world. The recipe made of 70% dark chocolate was invented by chef Fritz Knipschildt in 1999 in France, and he quickly settled in the top of the luxury chocolate list. The Bitter truffle is sold with a price tag of $250 per unit or $2600 dollars for 450 grams (about a pound).

Lebanese Patchi chocolates

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If you want to taste a different kind of luxury, these chocolates for you. The Lebanese Patchi brand is embedded with Swarovski stones and launched by the Harrods in a box of 49 pieces of chocolate wrapped in silk from India and placed on suede leather pads decorated with gold and platinum. The price of this box? Well, it comes to $10,000. You heard right.

Most expensive chocolate: 'Le Chocolate' chocolate box

טעם עשיר - השוקולדים הכי יקרים בעולם!

But the World's most expensive chocolate is the fulfillment of every woman's dream - chocolate and diamonds. The 'Le Chocolate' chocolate box, designed by Simmons Jewelry, includes a variety of chocolates packaged in a box with necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets set in yellow and blue diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. It is currently the world's most expensive set and it's price is 'only' $1.5 million!

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