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10 Simple Tricks to Help You Take Charge of Your Body

 There are various phenomena that tend to "attack" us at the most inappropriate time and make us feel uncomfortable, as if we can’t control our body; a sudden and unwanted laughter or cry that comes out of nowhere; pimples that suddenly appear on the skin; hiccups, heartburn, snoring, etc. - these are problems we always thought had no solution other than waiting for them to just go away. But no more! We have gathered for you the original, fast and most important scientific proven solutions that’ll help you overcome 10 troubling situations that you thought were uncontrollable.

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1. Get rid of a headache

To get rid of a bothersome headache, just put your hands under cold water for a few minutes and try to keep them there as long as you can. Once you feel that you can no longer stand the cold or have left them for a long enough time, remove them from under the tap and wipe them with a dry towel until you feel a slight burning sensation, you’ll soon notice how your headache goes away miraculously. This method is called "cold therapy," and is based on the fact that the stress caused by the body's fluctuations in temperature increases blood pressure, expands the veins and relieves uncomfortable feelings such as a headache. Note, however, that if you have heart or blood vessel problems, you should skip this method and not use it.

2. Control laughter

Laughter is good for health - this is a well-known saying that has proven to be true many times. However, we can’t always control our laughter, and sometimes we start laughing when it's highly inappropriate. In those moments, laughter isn’t deliberate, but in any case, it may cause us quite a bit of unpleasantness. When you feel that this is going to happen, and the laughter is going to break out of you at the most inappropriate moment, try pinching yourself or biting your tongue (not too hard) on both sides of your mouth so that your lips will have difficulty moving to smile or laugh at the wrong time.

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3. Stop Snoring

Snoring is considered a common problem that many people suffer from, and many others have to cope with sleeping in bed with a partner who snores. Today, there are all kinds of different treatments to stop the phenomenon, but there is a very easy method to try before you turn to experts and consultants. All you have to do is try not to sleep on your back, but on one side of your body (preferably on your left side). The explanation is simple: sleeping on your back causes your tongue to fall back to your throat partially blocking the airway, sleeping on your side or on your stomach prevents this phenomenon and may completely eliminate snoring.

4. Relieve heartburn

Waking up in the middle of the night with heartburn is just about the worst thing that can happen, and can often disturb the rest of our night’s sleep! Heartburn is a very common phenomenon, which can sometimes attack us not only because of something we ate but also because of sleeping on the right side of the body. Experts have found that sleeping on the right side of the body significantly increases the chances of reflux, the same phenomenon that causes the development of heartburn. Therefore, all you need to do to get rid of the trouble and avoid heartburn is to sleep on your left side, which may reduce the chance of heartburn recurring. 

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5. Get rid of acne

Acne, those small, reddish pimples that often appear on our bodies, especially on the face, is a very common problem for teenagers, but also for quite a few adults. Many believe that it can be solved by taking plenty of hot water showers, but it turns out that the opposite is true - cold showers are the most effective solution because cold water was found to contribute to the closure of pores and to clean and nourish the skin more correctly and suitably than hot showers. If you don’t want to shower in cold water, at the very least rinse yourself off with it at the end of your hot shower.

6. Stop Crying

Like the laughter we mentioned earlier, crying is merely a necessary and good emotional reaction that frees us from the many emotions that accumulate within us. However, crying in situations that aren’t suitable for this or a crying session that is overly prolonged may cause us an unpleasant feeling that we want to stop. If you feel that you’re about to cry and you want to stop it before the tears begin to flow, try to open your eyes wide and avoid blinking as much as you can until you feel that the crying has stopped. While your eyes are open, look up and avoid bending your head.

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7. Relieve general pain

Have you ever step on your children's Legos, or stubbed your pinky toe into your coffee table’s leg? It is very likely that one of these things happened to you at least once, if not several times, and indeed we don’t have an acceptable medical method to reduce the sharp pain of that moment, but we have a method proven scientifically effective that you need to know – utter a really good curse. You’ll be surprised to hear, but in a study in which researchers asked participants to dip their hands in ice water for as long as possible, it was found that those who expressed their suffering through as many swear words as possible were able to keep their hands in ice water longer.


8. Get rid of vertigo

You know the feeling that the whole room is spinning around you in one direction while you’re spinning in the other, even though you’re actually standing still? If you’ve experienced such a feeling in your life and also experienced nausea, vomiting, sweating, or walking difficulties, then you suffered from vertigo. To get rid of this phenomenon, which can arise for all sorts of reasons, you must close your eyes and put your fingertips on your ears, then pull them up, forward and finally down. This movement helps regulate the intracranial pressure in your head, which improves the condition and prevents the unpleasant vertigo feeling.

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9. Stop hiccups

A great example of a phenomenon that happens suddenly and causes great frustration when you can’t prevent or stop it is hiccups. These small movements in the stomach, which produce uncontrollable sounds that come out of your mouth, can be especially burdensome and sometimes refuse to stop even when we use traditional methods we know, such as holding our breath or drinking a glass of water. In this case, a great solution is to sweeten your life a bit and just swallow a teaspoon of sugar that will stop the hiccup in a second. The sugar grains work in the mouth in such a way that they regulate and soothe the same nerve impulses that cause convulsions and cramps that lead to the appearance of the hiccups.

10. Relieve nausea

Nausea also belongs to the family of unpleasant and irritating phenomena that suddenly come and refuse to leave. There are all kinds of methods to get rid of nausea, but one that we found to be particularly effective is the one that uses a pressure point. When nausea appears, try pressing a point on your inner arm about 2 ½ cm from the lower end of your hand, massage it for a minute or two and feel relief quickly.

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