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The 15 Most Expensive Liquids in the World

 We don’t often think of quantifying liquids in terms of their value, however there are some that are so expensive, it’s enough to boggle the mind. In fact, there are some liquids that are far more expensive than diamonds or gold could ever be. Take a look at the 15 most expensive liquids in the world:
15. Liquid paper — $150 per gallon
Liquid paper is essentially a correction pen that helps to fix written mistakes. It’s quite multi-functional nowadays – it can be used to create unique textures, can have glitter added to it and can be used in handmade projects. It’s the ingredients, namely solvent naphtha, mineral spirits, dispersants, and fragrances, that makes liquid paper so pricey.
14. Penicillin — $226 per gallon
Penicillin was first discovered during the 1950s, and is used to treat a whole range of ailments. Penicillin is a collective term for penicillin V, penicillin G, benzathine penicillin, and procaine penicillin, which are all used to treat different infections.
13. Patchouli essential oil — $605 per gallon
The essential oil of patchouli is produced from the fresh or dry leaves of the Pogostemon plant. It works as an antiseptic, helping to treat fever, fungal infections, and even kidney stones. It is also used to fight bad body odors.
12. Human blood — $1,330 per gallon
Blood is a vital component of the human body – we cannot survive without it. Although many more people donate blood nowadays, it’s the processing and storage that drive up its cost.
11. Gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) — $2,210 per gallon
This narcolepsy, insomnia, cataplexy and alcoholism medication is produced from wine, citrus fruits and the fermentation of beef. It’s actually illegal in many different countries.
10. Nail polish — $2,200 per gallon
Essie’s nail polish produces some of the world’s brightest colors, as well as the best chip resistance, but that comes at a price. What’s more is that this isn’t even the most expensive brand out there.
9. Black printer ink — $2,380 per gallon
It’s amazing to think that this one is here, but it is! It must be said that this is more expensive, high-quality black ink that we’re talking about. In fact, many companies spend great sums of money on researching and developing the best-possible ink quality.
8. Mercury — $2,966 per gallon
Mercury is the only metal that remains liquid at room temperature. Although it’s mainly used in thermometers, it’s also used in chemical industries, metal production, and agriculture.
7. Insulin — $13,100 per gallon
Insulin, which is a substance made naturally within the human body, holds up the level of glucose in your blood and enhances the processes. It’s essential for treating people that have diabetes.
6. Chanel No. 5 — $23,300 per gallon
Coco Chanel’s legendary first fragrance is made from rare flower petals and the essence of a rare root, and these are the ingredients that make it so expensive. It first went on sale back in 1922, and is still one of the most coveted fragrances on the market.
5. Horseshoe crab blood — $53,250 per gallon
There’s no hemoglobin in horseshoe crabs’ blood, but they have hemocyanin instead. This makes it blue rather than red. It clots extremely quickly when pathogens or bacteria get into it, which makes it extremely valuable in pharmacology due to its ability to assist with the detection of endotoxins in medical applications.
4. LSD — $109,200 per gallon
Largely associated with the hippie movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, this dangerous semi-synthetic substance was also used in many mind-altering experiments in the past. Nowadays, it’s banned in most countries.
3. King сobra venom — $135,700 per gallon
The king cobra is one of the world’s most dangerous snakes, with a single bite containing enough venom to kill a full-grown elephant. This doesn’t deter people from trying to collect it, however – in addition to its monetary value, it’s also used in medicines that are aimed at helping to cure Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, treat schizophrenia, and fight depression.
2. Scorpion venom — $34,626,000 per gallon
Scorpion venom contains a particular protein that treats conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.
1. The most expensive alcohol in the world — $35,598,000 per bottle
This ridiculously expensive lemon liquor, which was prepared using lemons grown in the hills of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, is as pricey as it is due to the fact that its bottleneck is adorned with three 13-karat diamonds. There’s a fourth diamond that weighs 18.5 karats placed in the middle. Just two bottles of this limoncello were ever made.
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