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6 Daily Mistakes that Damage Your Teeth

 We all brush our teeth once or twice a day, but there are major mistakes that we make when taking care of our teeth and when going about our daily lives that can damage them. Below you will find 6 of such mistakes.
1. Pressing the Toothbrush Too Hard

If you press the toothbrush too hard, the hairs bend and don’t remove any tooth deposits properly. Furthermore, it can lead to gum damage, which could eventually lead to gum diseases.

2. Not Paying Attention to the Food We Eat

We’re all aware that eating too many sweet things can cause cavities. In order to keep our teeth nice and healthy, we need to eat foods that contain phosphorous, fluorine, and calcium.

Foods that contain calcium include dairy products, fish, beans, and fruit and vegetables skins.

Foods that contain phosphorous include cereals, fish, nuts, and lentils.

We usually get the necessary dose of fluorine with water. However, if you live in areas where the water has a low concentration of fluorine, you should eat more sunflower seeds, carrots, garlic, turnips, spinach, and nuts.




3. Not Using Additional Tooth-Cleaning Devices

It doesn’t matter how hard the hairs on your toothbrush are, they still cannot remove all tooth deposits completely. That’s why it’s extremely important to clean the gaps between your teeth with some dental floss. To further annihilate bacteria, rinse your mouth out with some mouthwash.


4. Not Taking Care of Our Gums

If your gums are weak and don’t have a great blood supply, it can lead to periodontitis. With this disease, your gums become inflamed and soft, and start to bleed. Eventually, your teeth might start to fall out.

To make your gums stronger, you should massage them with your toothbrush or finger using circular movements. You can also rinse your mouth with oak bark or sage teas, or with a salt solution.

5. Not Getting Tooth Tartar Removed

Tooth tartar is the hardened product of minerals from food and saliva that accumulates in plaque around the teeth. It’s yellowish-brown and cannot be removed with a toothbrush. This plaque causes periodontal disease, including inflammation of the bone surrounding the teeth. To get it removed, you have to go to the dentist.

6. Chewing on Only One Side of Our Mouth

Chewing has self-cleansing properties. Therefore, if you chew on only one side of your mouth, it can lead to cavities and decay on the other side.

Apart from that, chewing food on one side causes thick and strong muscles on that particular side, causing asymmetric muscles on each side of your face. Eventually, this could lead to pain and even hearing problems.


Source: brightside
Images: depositphotos

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