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Check Out These TVs from the Future

 Television companies are nothing if they're not ambitious. In fact, very few industries are as creative and fast-paced as the TV industry, with quite a number of major brands constantly competing for the best-looking picture and the most innovative features. While some forms of technology, like stereoscopic 3D, end up eventually fizzling out, other types, such as 4K resolution and OLED screens, seem to be here to stay. Below you'll find 5 of the most advanced forms of television technology that we can't wait to see in action:
1. Wallpaper Televisions

Can you imagine sticking a TV to your wall as if it was a poster? Well, according to a report by FlatpanelsHD, LG has apparently created a prototype TV that's only 1mm thick, and is able to connect seamlessly to a wall mount through the use of magnets. Forget about power tools and heavy lifting, since it looks like setting up your next TV might be easier than changing a light bulb!

2. Glass Pane Televisions

How about a TV that looks just like a pane of glass when it's switched off? Sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, right? Well, according to Engadget, Panasonic has been working hard on developing a screen that's virtually see-through when switched off, but that acts just like a regular TV when activated. This technological marvel is currently in the research-and-development phase, so if successful, it won't be released onto the market for at least another 3 years.

3. 8K Televisions

Even though it feels like we've only just entered the generation of 4K screen resolution, it seems that many major TV companies, like Samsung, LG, and Sony, are already successfully experimenting with as much as twice the resolution. 8K televisions are crammed with over 33 million pixels, and are ridiculously clear from even a couple of inches away from the screen!


4. Bezel-Free Televisions

Without a doubt, the screen is the part of the TV that people care about the most, so having a TV that's nothing but screen would be the ultimate ideal. The bezel, which is the frame surrounding the screen on all sides, has been shrinking with every consecutive generation, and at this rate it won't be long before consumer TVs won't need any bezels at all, leaving developers free to work on other areas of this exciting technology.

5. 98-Inch Televisions

While you might not have space in your living room for a 98-inch TV, we're sure you wish you did. LG has just displayed an 8K 98-inch prototype, which has left everyone who saw it absolutely speechless! However, there is one downside. While LG haven't officially put a price tag on it, last year Sharp released an 85-inch 8K TV which went on sale for around $133,000. If you're interested, then you'd better start saving up!

Source: cheatsheet

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