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24 Stunning Photos That Look Photoshopped but Are Not

 These photos are so amazing, that my very first thought was that they must have been photoshopped. I really doubted whether nature could throw up such rare moments of excellence. I also doubted whether anyone would be there to capture these moments so perfectly. Boy, was I wrong! Throw your hands up in amazement at these 24 truly great photographs.

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What a glorious portal-like formation!
I really feel like a slice of juicy watermelon now.
The terrifying beauty of a storm.
It looks like a room in a house, but it's the inside of a guitar.
Snowfall in the Altai.
What you see when you look up in this crazy metropolis.
God smiles on this artistic academy.
A forest fire stopped at the roadside.
Flying by moonlight.
How a thunderstorm looks from a plane window.
This turtle has an algae covered shell.
Is that the hand of Thor?
A golden mountain peak.
This is what a rocket setting off at night looks like.
A Chinese regiment of soldiers perform a dawn time drill.
What do you see when you look at this cracked windshield?
This is how rain looks from above.
This is why the Titanic (post collision) never stood a chance.
A waterfall at dusk.
Suddenly nobody was interested in the game.
This Japanese synchronized swimmer, Saho Harada, is at one with the ocean.
Flying through a rainbow.
When ice reminds you to make pancakes tomorrow.
A solar eclipse in Arizona.
Source: brightside
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