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Send Symbolic Flowers to Someone Special

 Flowers express joy, sympathy, gratitude, peace, and many other qualities that we celebrate from day to day. Sometimes, they might just be the right gift to give to someone dear, whether it's a special occasion or just for a mood lifter. As it turns out, every flower has its own symbolism that can express even more specific feelings. We're bringing you 7 of the most beautiful and meaningful flowers for you to send to your friends and loved ones.


Send this flower to someone who may be in need of some much-deserved rest or recovery after facing hardships in life. This could be a dear person whose friendship you value greatly, or perhaps even a special mother who has recently given birth to a child.

Bird of paradise
Send this exotic flower to someone who deserves to celebrate his/her success or freedom in life, especially if it has been particularly fruitful. It is also commonly given as a gift for 9th wedding anniversaries since it symbolizes faithfulness.

Send this flower to someone who is welcoming of variation, daintiness and beauty in life. It also happens to be the birth flower for the month of September and is linked to 20th wedding anniversaries.


Send this flower to someone as an expression of sorrow or gratitude. It has a strong connotation with heartfelt and genuine emotions, which we show when understanding each other. This flower is also a typical gift for 4th wedding anniversaries.

Send this flower to someone you deeply admire, possibly a woman or mother who has given you a lot of love and care. In several countries, it's given as a symbolic gift to mothers on Mother's Day.

Send this flower to someone in need of faith and hope, especially if they are going through a hard time in their life. This flower is the birth flower for the month of February and also the symbol for 25th wedding anniversaries.

Send this flower to a person who is a true and devoted friend to you. It represents the gift of friendship as a source of support between two people. It can also be given to encourage someone to withstand the trials of life and follow their dreams.

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