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12 Ways to Take Control of Your Life

 It seems, more often than not, that exhaustion and achievement go hand in hand. But a burn-out is no symptom of success, it's your body's way of telling you to slow down. A short quick fix may seem like a good solution, but in order to get to the root of the problem, fundamental change takes time. These 12 powerful ways will help you take charge of your destiny and transform your life.
transform your life
1. Get all the sleep you need
A good night's sleep cleans your brain of toxins that build up during the day, studies show. Aim to get a full seven to eight hours of sleep, by getting just 30 minutes more sleep than you are getting now, be that at nighttime or a midday nap.
2. Be mindful while you eat
Studies show that mindful eating can lift your mood, decrease stress, and promote weight loss. But, mindful eating takes practice. It challenges you to consider the essence of everything you consume - where it came from, the nutritional benefits it has on your body, and how your food got to your plate. Mindful eating focuses on building a healthy, sustainable relationship with food. 
3. Skip the caffeine
Being a stimulant, caffeine directly affects your central nervous system. Consuming too much coffee can make your heart race and head pound. If you're feeling anxious, stressed, or burned out, coffee isn't your long term fix. Rather, opt for something that offers a long term solution, such as exercise or meditation, to help you feel energized and awake. 
transform your life
4. Get (and stay) active
There's no better mood-booster and stress-reducer than movement. Exercise has been shown to protect memory and thinking skills. Exercising in the morning can help set the pace for the rest of the day, sharpening your focus. Try getting an extra 10 minutes of moderate activity each day, slowly working your way up to the recommended 30 minutes daily. 
5. Take comfort in silence
Meditation really works. Around 80% of doctor's visits are due to stress-related problems. Meditation has been found to reduce stress, boost immunity, improve sleep, and, possibly, increase happiness. People who meditate are generally less anxious when confronted with challenges. 
6. Take care of your skin
Forming healthy skin care habits does take time. Consistency, repetition, and embracing your new routine will do a lot of good for your skin. Opt for products and foods that naturally nourish the skin and follow through with a daily and nightly skin care ritual that will make you feel healthy and beautiful. Over time, you will begin to notice a lift in your skin. 
7. Do things that make you happy
As the saying goes: 'Starve your ego and feed the soul.' Just because something brings you a sense of achievement, it does not necessarily mean that it will fill you with joy. Whatever you choose to do, do so because it makes you happy, not because it's something to mark off your to-do list. 
8. Listen to your intuition
Listen to that persistent gut feeling when making a big decision. Your body will tell you what it wants from you before you need it. If you're feeling tired, take a nap. If you're in need of a vacation, go on a trip. If something doesn't feel quite right, look into it. Listening to your gut does take practice. Be patient and it will pay off. 
9. Mix things up
Routine can be beneficial on occasion. Though every now and then, challenge yourself to do something completely new at least once a week. It could be as simple as walking a new route to work, or starting the blog you always said you would. New experiences open your mind to new ways of thinking and perceiving, making you happier. 
transform your life
10. Surround yourself with positivity
Build healthy relationships by being mindful of whom you fill your life with. Take time to reassess your relationships and consider the value they add to your life and well-being. People who are mindful of their relationships tend to be more confident in their judgment. 
11. Take the time to learn something new
Learning new things have the capacity to make us happy. They could also enable us to live longer, stay open-minded, and live our lives more fully. Whatever you decide to learn, in the long run, you will gain from keeping your brain sharp and young. 
12. Keep a journal
Journal writing has been shown to relieve stress, boost comprehension, spark creativity, build confidence, and encourage you to accomplish your goals. You need not put too much pressure on yourself to write daily. The writing process itself is more important than how often you write. You can choose to write first thing in the morning, using a prompt like, 'how do I want my day to be?', or before bedtime, releasing all of your anxious thoughts. 
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