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You’ll Love These Wise Armenian Expressions & Sayings

Armenian is one of the oldest languages in the world. Proverbs play an important part in the Armenian language and are recounted every day. These insightful proverbs are filled with powerful meanings and have been passed down through generations. Today, we will share some profound Armenian proverbs and expressions that will give you some insight into their beliefs and ways of thinking. These common sayings will resonate with all of us.


Armenian Proverbs, hopes
This Armenian proverb cautions against raising hopes so that we aren’t disappointed. Just because something looks obvious doesn’t mean it is. 


Armenian Proverbs, mill
A mill is incomplete with a single stone. Similarly, friendship needs to be carried out from both sides to be complete. 


Armenian Proverbs, advice
Everyone is keen to give advice, but no one will stop to consider your situation and is willing to provide genuine help.


Armenian Proverbs, eagle
Sometimes, we are responsible for our own destruction. This expression also conveys that, while being self-reliant is good, one shouldn’t take pride in it, as it can lead to their downfall. 


Armenian Proverbs, reckless
This proverb warns that reckless and impulsive actions can often lead to danger.


Armenian Proverbs, spoken words
This insightful phrase implies that spoken words don’t mean much unless you act and do something to follow up on them. Therefore, one should always speak little and act more.


Armenian Proverbs, bee
These words talk about the nature of people. It says that two people who share everything and have the same opportunities can have drastically different natures. 


Armenian Proverbs, well
This expression means that the foolishness or irresponsible behavior of one person can cause so much damage that it can’t be rectified by many.


Armenian Proverbs, Wisdom
Just because someone is old doesn’t automatically mean they are wise. Wisdom is a gift and shouldn’t be defined through some physical trait.


Armenian Proverbs,  wise man
You are better off being in the company of a wise man rather than accepting enticing favors from someone who’s known to be irrational. The latter can do you more harm than good.


Armenian Proverbs, donkey
Reckless and imprudent people won’t appreciate any good deeds towards them. They are likely to ignore such acts, as they can’t comprehend those situations sincerely.


Armenian Proverbs, rice
One needs to act to get something done. Words alone won’t do much.


Armenian Proverbs, nightingale
One cannot live happily away from their own home, even in the best facilities. You will always long for your true home.


Armenian Proverbs, Harsh words
Harsh words can hurt someone much more adversely than physical pain. 


Armenian Proverbs, truth
This profound expression means that truth won’t always remain hidden. One day, it will come out.
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