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Simple Pressure Point Technique for Easing Shoulder & Neck Pain

 You won’t believe this amazingly ingenious solution for your neck and shoulder pain or tension! According to yoga expert Jill Miller, we all have a secret pressure point, which we can access to relieve this burdensome discomfort. And surprisingly this pressure point is not located near the shoulders, because the source of our suffering actually lies in our hands. 


Here is a simple exercise you can do in 2 minutes to remedy the problem. All you need is a rubber ball or tennis ball.

Watch the instructional video

Now note the following steps before trying this exercise yourself. There are just 5 simple, straightforward steps.
Step 1
neck shoulder pain, pressure, hand
Locate the juncture where your thumb meets the rest of your hand. This muscle group is called the thenar eminence.


Step 2
neck shoulder pain, pressure, hand
Place the ball down on a surface (e.g. desk). Then repeatedly squeeze one of your hands onto the ball, using it to ‘pry apart’ the thenar eminence. You may feel some uncomfortable pain.
Step 3
neck shoulder pain, pressure, hand
Then pivot your hand as if you are squeezing an orange, rotating it from side to side. After a short time, your hand will feel very warm.
Step 4
neck shoulder pain, pressure, hand
Let go of the ball and stand up. Raise your arms up with your hands open. Reach as far back as you can. The hand that you have exercised will be able to reach further back than the other.

Step 5
Repeat with the other hand.
Cover image courtesy of depositphotos.com
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