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Game: Free the Sheep

All animals yearn to roam free, and if a flock of sheep wants to take a day off to prance in the long grass, who are we to deny them? Yet to get to freedom, they have to get past the fences and the silly things just don't know how to avoid them. It's up to you to move the fences in time for them to be able to escape.

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~ Click on the play button button to begin

~ You must observe the sheep and notice what side of the screen the nearest sheep is. You must move the fence in time for the sheep to get through and not bump into it.

sheep game

~ You can move the fence by simply clicking your mouse on the screen. Each click moves the fence left or right.

~ Pay special attention to the golden sheep golden sheep
Saving these sheep will give you special bonus points. 

~ The boxes at the bottom of the screen will show you how you are doing. The left-most number will rise every time you get a sheep out. The number in the middle box will increase when you've rescued a golden sheep or had a good streak of regular sheep. The number in the blue circle on the right shows how many lives you still have to play with.

If you lose at some point in the game and you have more than 25 points, you will be able to continue by giving up 25 points. 


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