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16 Insider’s Tips That Will Make Traveling Easier

 Going on vacation is one of the highlights of my year, but the actual journey and packing can take away a bit of the fun. Traveling gets easier with experience, and everyone knows one or two tricks. As technology advances rapidly, you need to know more inside tricks. Here are 16 tips that can help you before you leave, at the airport, on the plane and while navigating a new destination.

Before you leave


1. Private windows for booking online

Make sure to use a private or incognito window to get the fairest deals. Travel websites will track if you visit their site several times and increase the price accordingly because they know you are interested.

2. Optimal buying time: Tuesday 3 pm

After 3 pm on Tuesdays is the best time to get a reduced fare. Big airlines typically reduce their prices at this time.

3. Save digital copies: Scan documents

Before you leave scan all your important documents such as passport, identity cards, and itinerary. Keep these copies on your smartphone, tablet or in your email draft box. If your documents are misplaced or stolen, you will have easy access to them

4. Vacuum seal your carry-on luggage

You can make the most of your carry-on’s small dimensions by purchasing vacuum sealable bags. You can fit a lot more in the small space than you think once you suck out the unnecessary air spaces.

On the plane


5. Choose wing-area seats for less turbulence

Turbulence can make flying a queasy business. Ask for seats near the wing area. The plane’s structural support at this position presents the least amount of bounce.

6. Reserve the aisle and the window seats for two

This is a sure way to get a full row if no one has chosen the middle seat. If some does choose this seat ask them if you can switch in order to sit with your travel partner.  

7. Best bathroom times

Many airlines don’t let long lines form near the restroom. The best time to use the bathroom is right after the plane has leveled off, or 15-20 minutes before the plane prepares to land.

8. Save your cell phone battery with airplane mode

When your phone is out of signal it searches for reception, which can waste a lot of battery power. Switching to airplane mode will allow you to maintain a good amount of battery life for when you arrive at your destination. 

At the airport


9. Go through security speedily

Security will ask you to place small belongings like wallets, keys and phones in a separate bin on the conveyor belt. Save time by stuffing these belonging in your hand luggage before you go through security.

10. Skip long lines by bypassing the first bathroom you see

Often when you want to go you head for the first bathroom you see. You’ll save time waiting in long lines by looking for the second bathroom. You’ll have more time and the bathroom will be less crowded.

11. Speed up the baggage wait

Placing fragile stickers on your luggage can help you at baggage claim. The airport staff might treat your luggage more gently and load your items last or on the top. This means your luggage will come out on the baggage conveyor belt first.

12. Be a power traveler

If you’ve got a wait at the airport between connections, be the super traveler by bringing a power strip with. You’ll prevent fights over the sparse sockets and you can power up your laptop, phone, and tablet.

While on vacation

13. A secret cell phone chargers source

If you forget your charger at home hotel or guest home front desks usually have plenty spare. Guests often leave these behind accidently.

14. Use ATMs instead of currency exchanges

Save some money by skipping airport currency exchanges. ATMs usually offer lower rates.

15. Navigate with maps without an international plan

If you don’t have an international plan, you can turn on airplane mode and switch off data to use your GPS without the internet connecting. You can preload the Google map when you are in a Wi-Fi area.

For iPhone users you can download the app here: Google Maps.

16. At the end of your vacation give spare coins to charity

If you’re visiting a place with a different currency than your own, collect all your spare coins and on the last day give it to a homeless person or place the coins in a charity box. 

H/T: www.distractify.com

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