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10 Scents That Are Good for Your Well-Being

Smell is the most evocative of our 5 senses. A whiff of flowers can take you back to your childhood garden or freshly baked cookies can have you reminiscing about grandma’s kitchen. This wave of nostalgia isn’t a mere coincidence. Scientists have found that intense feelings and memories are conjured because your olfactory reaction is linked to the part of the brain concerned with emotions.

But smell isn’t just useful for its memory inducing powers; it has many benefits for the mind and body too. It can help your physical health, your mental health and your mood.



It seems there’s some truth to the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Recent studies into the odor of green apples have revealed that crisp apple scents ease migraine symptoms. Past studies have also found the scent effective at reducing stress and anxiety. There's something about the fresh, natural smell that really clears our head.




While the word vanilla is often synonymous for bland, the scent has powerful effects on one’s happiness. Smelling vanilla has been found by researchers to elevate joy and relaxation levels. Light up a vanilla incense candle for a relaxed time at home.


Fresh cut grass


Who would have thought that mowing the lawn can make you instantly happier? Neuroscientists have discovered that the chemical released from freshly mowed grass makes people feel joyful and relaxed. Other studies have linked it to preventing mental decline in old age.  Don’t have a patch of lawn nearby? Purchase perfumes and air fragrances with the bliss-causing scent so you can enjoy the benefits without needing to move homes. 



While most people turn to coffee for a pick-me-up, few people know that citrus is equally helpful in boosting energy levels and alertness. Peel an orange or squeeze some lemon juice over your salad and not only gain the benefit of vitamin C, but some added energy or focus. The strong smell is definitely invigorating!



This is the scent most people turn for relaxation as it can instantly calm both the mind and body. Recently lavender has also been linked with insomnia treatment and helping ease other sleep disorders. Lavender has a strong effect on our sense of well-being, and the scent can be used to cheer people up or help them when they feel overwhelmed or depressed.



Perhaps there’s more to those pine-shaped car fresheners than making your car smell forest clean. Could it be that they might reduce your traffic stress? A study in Japan found that the smell of pine trees drastically reduce anxiety and after sniffing the scent people generally felt a greater sense of relaxation.


While cinnamon adds a warm, cozy smell to any setting, its sweet, warm and spicy scent might also be boosting your brain power. Researchers at Wheeling Jesuit University linked smelling cinnamon with improved visual motor response, attention span, and working memory. It's also great for adding warmth to a dinner party, and your guests will feel at ease (and probably hungry) at the delightful scent.



Jasmine's fresh, natural scent lends a sweetness to the room. It also makes for great decoration because of its beauty. But there is much more to this flower than its aesthetic value. Studies have shown that jasmine increases alertness and helps with mood elevation. The powerful little flower’s scent is being used to control depressive thoughts and get people more energetic for their day. Put some of these in your bedroom to wake up with more energy and determination.


Well known for easing queasy stomachs and giving your breath a better smell, peppermint's minty,-fresh, cool, and distinctive scent has also been shown to help your brain out. Researchers have linked smelling peppermint with improving motivation, greater cognitive stamina, and overall concentration. If you have a difficult day of concentraing ahead of you, take some peppermint with you.


Olive oil

Olive oil is a healthy oil to include in your diet, and its aroma has many powers too. Research has shown that a mere whiff of olive oil can reduce your food cravings and lower the amount of calories consumed. Overall whether smelled or consumed, olive oil was found to leave people feeling more satisfied after a meal.

H/T: www.huffingtonpost.com

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