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Fall in Love with Each Other All Over Again

 There’s good news for all those long term couples: you tend to have better health and over well-being compared to your single or divorced friends. However, sometimes and after years together, the romance might take a backseat to work, child-rearing and domestic life. Here are 10 tips to maintain and re-ignite your love.


1. Redefine date night

An important and meaningful way to maintain a love connection is spending regular time away from home and work responsibilities. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just an activity you enjoy doing together to remember what you like and love about your life partner. It can be a simple walk, or perhaps a picnic at the local park.

2. Be more touchy-feely

Hugging, kissing and other forms of skin to skin touch can release oxytocin, which triggers that loving feeling for your partner. A 30 second kiss, or 20 second hug can do the trick. Research has also found that sleeping together, not for making love, but just having physical contact such as spooning or touching toes, does wonders for couples wishing to maintain intimacy.

3. Flirt with each other

When you’ve been in a long-term relationship security is easily gained; however people still crave novelty and excitement, and this is where flirting comes in. Flirting looks different for every couple but usually involves being affectionate, playful and even suggestive banter. The important thing is that it’s fun and comfortable.


4. Work out together

Couples who work out together not only build an emotional bond, but it’s been shown to increase physical attraction to a partner. The physical arousal, elevated heart rate and heavy breathing, elicit romantic attraction. Look for a class, gym or any high energy activity that can cause a rush and that you can bond doing together.

5. Say thank you

As couples live together habits form and partners help each other out. A lot of the time, you might take for granted what your partner does for you on a daily business. A simple acknowledgement of these acts goes a long way in maintaining the bond. If you’re not already in the habit, try writing your partner a note, or saying thank you and then touching their arm, which can connect you two and helps to foster openness. Appreciation is never wasted time, it always makes us feel better.

6. Engage in pillow talk

This is another way for committed couples to maintain their closeness and romantic bond. Chatting and cuddling after making love is fun and beneficial for your relationship. It’s been found that couples who share positive feelings after making love report being happier with their love life and that that this practice leads to more satisfaction with the relationship.

7. Cultivate your own interests

Partners who neglect their own lives tend to become disengaged and passive in their romantic relationships, which is why it's important for partners to have their own interests. Any two people have varying interests, so spending time apart pursuing your own interests can lead to a renewed sense of satisfaction, and this in turn can bring energy to the relationship.

8. Take a vacation

If you’re too busy with the humdrum home and work life to find adequate bonding time, a vacation is an ideal way to reignite your spark and spend time together as a couple. Even just taking time for a weekend away can do a lot of good. Although it may sound unromantic, for this to be successful, a discussion of expectations goes a long way in reducing disappointment or anger.

9. Create something together

Couples who get involved in a project tend to have their bond reinforced. This also allows you to see your partner in a new light. For many couples, this is raising children, but it can also be a owning a business, volunteering together or a DIY project.  The important thing is that both partners are interested and devote equal time to the shared activity.

10. Go on double dates

While spending time together is the primary goal of dates, you don’t only have to spend time with your partner alone. Joining other couples on double dates can be tremendously useful in strengthening a bond. Time observing your partner interacting with friends can remind you what you love about them, and hearing your partner praise you in front of others can also strongly empower your love for them.

H/T: www.health.com
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