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14 Absurd and Disappointing Examples of Food Packaging

Have you ever opened a box of chocolates and noticed that it contains less than half the amount of candy you expected? I have, and I must admit, things like that leave a bitter taste in my mouth. When companies use bulky and unnecessary packaging, they’re not only wasting plastic and packaging materials, they’re literally making us, consumers, throw our hard-earned money into the trash.
Unfortunately, deceptive packaging is one of the most common marketing tactics these days, and little can be done to change that. But there is one thing we can do to protect ourselves from such bitter disappointments - be aware of the specific products that engage in this harmful practice. Here are 14 of such misleading food packages.

1. That must have been a real disappointment for the birthday girl...

Misleading Food Packages birthday cake

2. If a sticker seems a bit too large, it could be covering up some empty space... just saying

Misleading Food Packages spice bottle

3. We hope you like bread... because there's practically nothing else in that sandwich

Misleading Food Packages

4. This box of popcorn contains less than half of what you'd expect to get!

Misleading Food Packages popcorn

5. No Oreos detected...

Misleading Food Packages Oreo ice cream

6. That ice cream is a bit smaller than you'd expect, don't you think?

Misleading Food Packages ice cream

7. Honestly, this makes us really suspicious of everything Oreo sells...

Misleading Food Packages Oreo tin

8. Enjoy your broccoli stick!

Misleading Food Packages broccoli

9. This chocolate chip muffin literally contains a single chocolate chip

Misleading Food Packages chocolate chip muffin

10. Your present contains a surprise - a big cube of styrofoam

Misleading Food Packages jolly ranchers

11. They saved "a little" of that chocolate filling

Misleading Food Packages cookies

12. That is one sad breakfast wrap

Misleading Food Packages breakfast wrap

13. From now on, I'll always make sure to ask and see the other side of a bagel or sandwich...

Misleading Food Packages bagel

14. We've saved the best for last. No comment.

Misleading Food Packages chocolates
Source of all images: Izismile
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