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18 Brilliantly Creative Billboards

Wherever we go, we are bombarded with advertising. It is right in the palm of our hand as we scroll through our phones, on TV screens, and of course, they are still out there in the good old physical world. With so much going on, grabbing a consumer’s attention is not an easy task. Billboards are especially tricky because you would mostly see them out of your car as you’re driving, which only allows for a few moments to glance at the billboard before driving away. Those are a lot of obstacles, but some copywriters and designers out there thought up incredibly creative ways to overcome these issues.

Yes, we are here with another installment of the most creative, witty, and clever billboards out there!

1. BBC’s Dracula billboard seems confusing during the daytime but grabs attention at night Brilliantly Creative Billboards, Dracula

Image Source: BBC Creative

2. Another BBC gem - See both sides of the story  Brilliantly Creative Billboards, BBC both sides of the story

Image Source: BBDO New York

3. Capsico Sauce: Burning Hot - seen in Dubar, India Brilliantly Creative Billboards, Capsico Sauce: Burning Hot

Image Source: Inter Publicity

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4. 3D Lego Billboard Brilliantly Creative Billboards, 3D Lego Billboard

Image Source: Pascal Gagnon, Carle Coppens

5. Hand-made Coca-Cola billboards in Serbia, made with traditional knitting techniques   Brilliantly Creative Billboards, Hand knitted Coca-Cola billboards in Serbia

Image Source: McCann Serbia

6. We see what you did there... Brilliantly Creative Billboards, great customer service

Image Source: Reddit

7. As close as it gets to an actual billboard-sized steak Brilliantly Creative Billboards, Double Grill & Bar creative billboard advertising

Image Source: YouTube

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8. This weather billboard is as clever as it is simple Brilliantly Creative Billboards, clever weather billboard

Image Source: Reddit

9. Drawing the sky Brilliantly Creative Billboards, draw the sky

Image Source: Archy Sinatrya

10. A billboard for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, seen in Switzerland Brilliantly Creative Billboards, A billboard for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Image Source: Service Plan

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11. When the ad is good, no explanation is needed... Brilliantly Creative Billboards, colgate billboard

Image Source: Twitter

12. Rust-free knife ad in Vienna, Austria Brilliantly Creative Billboards, Rust-free knife ad in Vienna

Image Source: Heimat

13. This ad ingeniously uses the pole as a really big straw Brilliantly Creative Billboards, using pole as straw

Image Source: Reddit

14. A Coke billboard that points you to the nearest recycling bin Brilliantly Creative Billboards, Coke billboards that points you to the nearest recycling bin

Image Source: Bored Panda

15. Ad for Panasonic's nose trimmer Brilliantly Creative Billboards, Ad for Panasonic's nose trimmer

Image Source: Saatchi & Saatchi

16. This billboard was turned into a bug trap for insecticide spray ad  Brilliantly Creative Billboards, This billboard was turned into a bug trap for insecticide spray ad

Image Source: YouTube

17. Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital had quite a poignant campaign  Brilliantly Creative Billboards,  Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital 

Image Source: Extra Credit Projects

18. “Realty Boxes” Brilliantly Creative Billboards, “Realty Boxes”

Image Source: MNFX

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