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Knowing These 12 Things Could Save Your Life One Day

Unfortunately, life isn't all rainbows and unicorns. Disaster does strike people sometimes, and when it does, it’s always better to be prepared and know how to react and fast. We hope that you’ll never need to use any of these tips, but in case you do, they will help you or others survive 12 life-threatening situations.

1. If you happen to disturb a wasp nest or beehive, don't dive underwater.

The insects will wait until you're out of breath and ascend, and they will continue stinging you. Instead, run as fast as you can. The insects will stop following you over time.

Life Saving Tips beehive

2. If you notice an unexpected fishy smell in your house, it usually means that there's an electrical fire in your house.

Turn off the power in your house if it's safe to do so. This alone will extinguish small fires, but you may need to use a proper fire extinguisher (one with a C on the label) to stop somewhat bigger fires. If this doesn't help, call the fire department. 

Life Saving Tips electrical fire

3. If you see a service dog without an owner, approach it and follow where it will lead. This could save someone's life.

Life Saving Tips service dog

4. If you're abroad and need to call the emergency hotline, dial 1 1 2.

112 is the international emergency number. They will be able to transfer your call to the nearest emergency service.

Life Saving Tips concerned call

5. If you suspect that a car is following your car, take 4 right turns. 

This makes a circle, i.e. it will return you to the place where you started. If the car is still behind you, they are most likely following you. Don't panic and avoid driving home. Contact the police or drive to the nearest police station instead.

Life Saving Tips cars in the city

6. If you're in a falling elevator, lie flat on your back and don't move - this position increases your chances of survival.

Life Saving Tips elevator

7. If you have to escape from a moving car, put one foot down and quickly take a step as you exit the vehicle.

Making contact with one foot reduces your speed, which means that the fall will be less likely to cause fatal injuries.

Life Saving Tips exit taxi

8. If you take someone's picture with a flash and their pupils look yellowish-white, tell them to see a doctor.

A white pupil in a picture can point to a serious eye condition, such as eye cancer, cataract, or an issue with the retina.

Life Saving Tips eye exam

9. Vividly colored animals are more likely to be poisonous - avoid touching them.

Life Saving Tips red frog

10. If you ever wake up to the smell of gas in your home, avoid turning on the light, looking at your phone, or putting on slippers.

Even a small spark, such as that from a light switch, could result in a gas explosion.

Life Saving Tips

11. You can call 911 even if your phone doesn't have service.

In an emergency, any phone connects to the nearest cell tower and forwards your call to 911, irrespective of the cell coverage of your cell service provider.

Life Saving Tips calling 911

12. If you see a tornado and it looks like it stopped moving, it means that it is actually moving in your direction.

Life Saving Tips tornado
Image Source and Cover Image: Th. Walther/ Wikimedia Commons
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