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Humane DIY Tips to Evict Raccoons from Your Property

Raccoons are smart, quirky animals that play an important role in the ecosystem - they are scavengers that help clean up the remains of dead animals. However, you don’t exactly want to share your personal space with these “masked bandits” as they can be a nuisance for their ability to get into trash and food storage, leaving behind a huge mess. While looking for grubs to eat, raccoons can dig up lawns, and if they enter a home in search of food, they tend to damage siding, roofs, ductwork, wiring, and more.
Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons,
Apart from the mess they leave behind, raccoons also pose serious health risks to humans. These animals carry diseases such as rabies, canine distemper, and roundworms, which they can transmit to humans.  
Raccoons are most active in spring, summer, and fall. Therefore, if a raccoon is currently living in your attic, chimney, or lawn, it’s time to take some steps to get rid of them. Waiting too long to address the problem will only make the infestation worse. While you can always hire professionals to do the job, we recommend some humane removal methods to keep raccoons away from your property.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons 

Use a motion-activated sprinkler

Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons,  motion-activated sprinkler
A blast of water is sure to deter raccoons from entering your garden again. A motion-activated sprinkler senses movements and heat passing through its sensor range. Once the motion sensor detects unwanted wild animals such as raccoons, it will surprise them with a sudden burst of water.

Try an ultrasound animal repellant

An ultrasound animal repellant is a great way of keeping raccoons away without harming them. These small, affordable, and low-profile devices emit prerecorded animal distress calls and predator hunting sounds in frequencies that only certain animals like raccoons can hear and scares them off.

Make a DIY raccoon repellant

Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons, raccoon yawning
Raccoons have a heightened sense of smell that helps them sniff out food, predators, and other raccoons. These sensitive noses are hence easily irritated by certain smells, such as pepper. You can make your own homemade raccoon repellent using some pepper. 
1. Mix a gallon of water with a can of powdered cayenne pepper.
2. Add a couple of drops of liquid detergent. This will help the mixture adhere and stay longer on the surface without evaporating.
3. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Use it in the areas wherever you see raccoons go. Just make sure that you spray it on places that people or places do not touch.

Use ammonia and vinegar

Raccoons dislike the smell of both ammonia and vinegar, and both of these will have a strong deterrent effect on them. You can soak rags in ammonia and place them near food sources, around trash cans, and at the bottom of trees in your yard or plants in your garden. You can also fill bowls with ammonia and place them in places where you spot raccoons often.

Vinegar can also be used in a similar way. Raccoons are bound to be turned off by the smell and are unlikely to make a return trip again. It’s a good way to get rid of them without hurting them.

Sprinkle Epsom salt

Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons, Epsom salt
Epsom salt is another natural ingredient that can drive raccoons away without harming them. Sprinkle some around your bins and in your garden. The animals hate their smell with a passion and will keep a safe distance from palaces where it’s been sprinkled on.  

Scare them off with flashlights

Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons, darkness, sapces
Raccoons are nocturnal, so they love darkness. Sudden flashes of light will have them scampering away. A strategically placed flashlight can keep these little miscreants away from your home. Use a solar-powered light, so you don’t have to recharge it.
You can also directly shine a flashlight up your chimney or other crawlspaces where raccoons are frequently sneaking in. Do this at night for a few days to scare them off.

Secure trash cans and remove food sources

Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons, trash cans
The last points on this list are also the most obvious ones. Trash is an ideal source of food for animals like raccoons. So, make sure your trash cans are sealed before you retire to sleep. Once you remove their access to food, raccoons will realize it’s useless hanging around your property.
Also, make sure you don’t leave any pet food bowl outside or inside your house to minimize raccoon temptation.
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