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12 Annoying Household Inconveniences Solved!

A cluttered space leads to a busy and cluttered mind. If you don’t believe us, answer these questions. Have you ever been annoyed because you couldn’t find what you need in the pantry? Did you ever have a grocery bag’s contents spill out and get lost under the car seat? Are you tired of the smell of composting in your kitchen?
None of those things sound like fun, yet we’ve all experienced and continue to experience these and similar everyday problems now and then. We say it’s about time for solutions, so here are 12 clever tricks to make our everyday lives a little calmer and easier.

1. What a cool reusable handkerchief box!

 Clever Solutions

2. Pet fur is ridiculously difficult to get out of some carpets. Using a de-shedding glove or flea comb helps remove all that pet hair.

 Clever Solutions carpet fur cleaning

3. Tired of struggling with your pets every time you need to get them into the pet carrier? Use the carrier as a pet bed daily. Your pets will get used to the carrier, and putting them inside will be both easier and less stressful for both you and the pets.

 Clever Solutions pet carrier

4. Wrap a rubber band around a couple of paper towel rolls and stuff them in boots to keep them straight.

 Clever Solutions paper towel rolls in boots

5. Yes, this trick works perfectly well for stir-fries and marinading meat. Just make sure to use a brand new spray bottle top.

 Clever Solutions soy sauce spray bottle

6. A hack for hot weather - freeze a bottle of water and place it in front of a fan.

 Clever Solutions a bottle of water in front of a fan

7. If you don’t want your entire kitchen to smell like compost, use an empty Aroma seal coffee can to store food scraps and everything else that goes into the compost bin.

 Clever Solutions compost

8. An easy way to secure a shopping bag in a car seat.

 Clever Solutions shopping bag in a car seat

9. Storing fish food in spice containers is a great trick! It helps with distribution and portion size.

 Clever Solutions  fish food in spice containers

10. An outdoor all-weather receptacle box can be used as a dispenser for bags - genius!

 Clever Solutions outdoor all-weather receptacle box

11. Who knew cutting off excess plastic from bread bags could make the pantry look so much tidier?!

 Clever Solutions cutting off excess plastic from bread bags

12. If you cut your finger, cut a latex glove and put it on over a bandage. It’s waterproof, and it will secure the bandage over the wound, which will help your finger heal faster and save you lots of bandages.

 Clever Solutions latex glove bandage
Source of all images: Acid Cow
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