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14 Psychological Tricks to Try Today

Did you ever wish that you could control people with your mind? It’s actually pretty easy to get people to do certain things without knowing that it’s you who is making them do it. All you have to do is learn these 14 psychological tricks - you’ll be amazed at how simple it is.

1. Agreeableness

When you ask someone a question, get them to agree with you by simply nodding your head. This action makes them believe that what you’re saying is true and that they should nod “yes” too since we’re social creatures.

14 Psychological Tricks

2. Word Conditioning

When having a conversation with someone, pick a word they say and then whenever they say that word or similar words, just smile, nod, or give them some kind of positive affirmation. Watch in amusement as they start saying that word all the time.

3. The Broccoli Trick

Want your kids to eat their broccoli? Ask them if they want 2 pieces or 5, rather than asking if they even want it. This way, their choice isn’t whether they want or don’t want it, but rather how much of it they want. By giving them a lower and higher option, you make them feel like they got the lesser evil when they choose 2. This trick works for other things in life as well.

4. The Zeigarnik Effect

Got a song stuck in your head? Think (or sing) the last verse of the song. Our mind tends to continue thinking about unfinished tasks, this is known as the Zeigarnik Effect. By thinking about the end of the song, you signal to your brain that the task is finished.

5. How to Build Attraction

When you first meet someone, if you’re going for a handshake you better make sure your hand is warm. A warm handshake is more inviting than a cold one. You should also subtly mimic the other person's posture and actions, as it builds trust and makes you seem like the both of you fit well together.

14 Psychological Tricks

6. Getting Information

Want your friend to open up? Ask him or her a question, keep eye contact and remain silent for a few seconds. They will be compelled to continue talking, albeit possibly more irritated, but talk they will.

7. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Want to be a Rock, Paper, Scissors champion? Simply ask your opponent a question before you start the game. If you ask and immediately start into the “RPS” chant, they’ll almost always go on the defense and use scissors.

8. I Know What You’re Thinking

Want to convince your kids that you’re psychic? If you catch them misbehaving, look away for a few seconds. While your back is to them, call them out on their behavior. They’ll be sure you can read their minds.

9. Paternal Advice

Want people to take you more seriously? Tell them that the advice you’re giving them was given to you by your father. People tend to trust fatherly advice inherently.

14 Psychological Tricks

10. Confrontation

If you think someone is going to confront you in a meeting, sit right next to them. It is an awkward thing to talk ill of someone or to be aggressive towards them when they’re up close. No one wants to sit next to someone they just bad-mouthed – take advantage of it.

11. To Catch a Stalker

Are you worried someone’s stalking you? Pretend to yawn while glancing at the potential stalker. Since yawning is contagious, they should yawn as well, and you will know that they were watching you.

12. Selling a Dollar at a Premium

Get a group of friends together and hold up a $1 bill for auction. Tell them that whoever makes the highest bid will win the bill, but anyone who makes the second-highest bid will have to honor their bid. Now, sit back and watch as the bid goes from a couple of cents to as much as $5. Your friends will quickly forget the value of the dollar, as long as they “don’t lose”. When the bid gets close to a dollar, the second highest bidder will overbid on the bill, thinking it’s better to lose 10 cents, rather than 99.

13. Find Your Way Through a Crowd

Got a whole bunch of people blocking your way? Simply look in the direction in which you intend to walk and watch as a path is formed. In busy areas, people watch other people’s eyes to see where they’re going and move away from that path.

14. The Talk and Pile

If you want your friend to carry something, for example, if you just purchased books at the store and want your friend to carry them for you, just keep talking as you hand them the bag. Most people will automatically take a bag without thinking about it. Some people, however, will become confused, and only a very rare few will call you out on it.


H/T: bored.com

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